LMS Thinking Confirm Expansion into Sunny California
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LMS Thinking Confirm Expansion into Sunny California

After making a name for themselves in multiple markets across the globe, outsourced sales and marketing firm LMS Thinking have confirmed that they will soon be making the move to Sunny California.

As an outsourced sales and marketing firm LMS Thinking is a leading provider of innovative direct marketing solutions which drive profits and helps clients to gain a greater market presence. By integrating their clients’ sales and marketing processes the firm are able to generate a return on investment which surpasses expectation, and provide their clients’ consumers with a hassle free, streamlined service. LMS Thinking believe that to succeed in today’s highly competitive market it is imperative for brands to invest in developing an enjoyable customer experience and as such, develop all their sales and marketing strategies with the customer in mind. To close the gap between brands and consumers and ensure each customer feels valued the firm meet with customers face to face, and on their clients behalf, use these interactions to deliver a tailor made service which is guaranteed to boost brand loyalty and increase profit.

After launching in the UK, LMS Thinking experienced a huge surge in demand for their personalised sales and marketing services and in 2012 expanded to the East Coast of America. After achieving great success in the American Market, the firm then expanded into Australia and set up a successful office in Sydney. Maintaining their connections with clients in the U.S and keeping a close eye on the ever changing market, LMS Thinking recently announced that they are now planning to continue their global expansion by opening an office on the east coast in California.

For managing Director and owner of LMS Thinking Tim Kennedy, an expansion to California has always been a firm goal. To ensure the expansion goes off without a hitch Kennedy has travelled to San Francisco and Los Angeles 3 times in the last 12 months to conduct market research, meet with clients and seek out potential office space which fits in with the requirements of the ever growing company.

With previous success in the east coast to their name, and a strong network of industry experts and clients already in place, opening an office in California is a natural step for the firm. LMS Thinking is keen to get started on this exciting new phase of the business’ development and whilst not date has been released yet for the expansion, the firm have confirmed that the move will take place within the next few months.