LMS Thinking Offer Guide to Being Successful in Sales

The idea that some people can sell, and some people can’t is a myth, claims direct marketing firm LMS Thinking. As long as a good strategy is in place anyone is capable of selling. LMS Thinking offers their advice on how to become a top selling sales representative.

It’s still a common belief among many industries that some people simply weren’t born to sell; sales and marketing firm LMS Thinking disagree with this statement, believing many companies are failing to provide an adequate sales strategy to support their sales people. It’s true that good sellers need a lot of confidence, however it’s not just confidence in themselves that makes the difference between hitting and missing those sales targets. Like in any role, a sales person needs to be provided with the right tools for the job to feel confident in their abilities to make a sale. A builder wouldn’t feel confident in his skills without possessing the tools of his trade and it’s the same for the sales industry. LMS Thinking believe anyone can sell providing the business has a strong and well thought-out sales strategy in place to arm the sales force with necessary skills. A good sales strategy can help almost anyone think like a ‘natural born’ seller, and help them identify leads and recognize potential where they never would have before.

LMS Thinking has shared two important factors that businesses should consider when devising a successful sales strategy.

The first factor worth remembering when compiling a sales strategy is than not everyone is a lead. One of the most important skills a sales person can have is the knowledge that some leads simply won’t amount to anything more. Many new sales people get so preoccupied with hitting sales targets that a lot of time is wasted following up on people who aren’t interested in the product or service they’re selling. A strong sales strategy will help a sales force develop their skills in identifying potential leads and understanding the target demographic to ensure they are selling to the right people. Leads who take a while to make a decision rarely follow through with a purchase, unless there’s a way for the sales person to simplify the decision.

This leads on to factor two, a successful sales person flourishes when they are presented with a challenge or obstacle as they are far more skilled at seeing possibilities where others can’t. Customer communication is key, a strong sales strategy should be heavily customer centric to encourage positive interaction between the sales person and the customer. Many potential leads may be interested in a product yet find the buying process challenging. By communicating with a customer a sales person can understand what’s holding them back and find solutions, making the process easier for the customer. A good sales strategy should encourage a sales force to think more creatively and prepare them to put the extra time in to fully understand and resolve customer issues.

LMS Thinking is a sales and marketing firm with offices in London, Sydney and New York. The firm are specialists in providing direct marketing solutions to clients from many different industries. The firm believe that customer interaction is highly important and operate their campaigns through direct face to face promotions. Through their own friendly and experienced sales force, LMS Thinking can provide their clients with a thorough understanding of their customers’ needs. This personal approach to sales means LMS Thinking can increase their clients’ customer retention rates and boost a positive brand message.