LMS Thinking End USA Tour in New York

After being based in Sydney for the last 12 months, managing director of LMS Thinking, Tim Kennedy returned to the US and took an opportunity to return to New York, and spend some time with LMS Thinking’s Manhattan office.

Returning to the US to attend one of the industry’s biggest events, The USA Sales Awards in Philadelphia, Tim Kennedy was presented with an ideal opportunity to follow up some exciting plans from LMS Thinking’s head office in Manhattan. His visit to the US also coincided with some important client meetings and prior to the ceremony Tim Kennedy met with clients to recap the progress of their outsourced marketing services over the last year. Tim Kennedy plans to round off his time in the States by heading off to New York to run some specially organised seminars for the 6 budding entrepreneurs he mentored whilst launching the US expansion of LMS Thinking in 2012. The seminars will coach the entrepreneurs in many aspects of business management and provide them with further skills to aid them towards their own successful business careers.

Before reaching New York to meet with the entrepreneurs, Tim Kennedy attended the USA Sales Awards at the Kimmel Centre of Performing Arts in Philadelphia. The annual awards ceremony held on the 28th of June brought together 2500 professionals from the sales and marketing industry, and presented 200 awards specially designed to recognise innovation and notable industry success.

Tim Kennedy will remain in New York until the 5th of July to ensure the entrepreneurs he’s working with get the best possible advice and knowledge needed for their ventures into the business world. Whilst at LMS Thinking’s Manhattan office Tim Kennedy has a packed schedule, and will also be spending his time there investing in some of the entrepreneurs he mentored over a year ago. The US economy has seen a positive start to the year, making now a great time to invest in and run businesses in the country. With a rise in consumer spending on large purchases such as cars, and high levels of employment as firms continue to hire at a strong pace, there is currently a very exciting and promising window of opportunity for LMS Thinking to invest in fresh talent and businesses.