LMS Thinking: Direct marketing Fit into the Marketing Mix for Household Brands

Outsourced sales and marketing firm, LMS Thinking highlight the reasons why direct marketing is an effective form of marketing and how their services can benefit clients.

A recently released study revealed the numerous benefits of planning and executing effective cross-channel marketing campaigns, according to Print in the Mix. The survey, commissioned by Forrester Consulting, featured nearly eight out of 10 respondents, or 78 percent, who agreed with the statement that cross-channel marketing was important or very important to the success of their business.

Cross-channel marketing is the practice of using multiple channels to reach customers.  In addition to allowing business to reach customers through different mediums, cross-channel marketing also makes it easy for customers to complete desired transactions with a company on whatever medium they are most comfortable with; it lets the user decided, giving customers a choice. The benefits of cross-channel marketing include – increased brand exposure, more touch points for data collection, consistency in business and more choice for customers.

There are many channels a business can take advantage of in order to reach potential customers, including retails stores, websites, emails and direct marketing. Direct marketing strategies are a very effective way for companies to reach consumers and make a profit (61% of marketers will invest more in direct marketing).  LMS Thinking have observed consumers change the way that they research and shop for products and in response have developed direct marketing campaigns that appeal to the modern day consumer.  ‘Here at LMS Thinking, we develop direct marketing campaigns because they are a more effective marketing strategy for our clients.  Communication is interactive and two way, between the consumer and the company, marketers provide value plus they seek to educate the customer about the product or service that is on offer’ explains Tim, Kennedy, Managing Director of LMS Thinking.

Direct marketing receives instant feedback that can then be invested straight back into improving the quality of the service or product being sold.  This ensures customer satisfaction; retention rates and loyalty are maintained at a high level and can guarantees that the direct marketing strategy is complimenting other marketing messages that are also being used.

Whether it is a new customer focussed strategy, assistance mapping of a new marketing strategy or help improving the performance of a current marketing campaign, LMS Thinking can help.

LMS Thinking benefits their clients through the use of the firm’s services.  For example:

  • Lead Generation – LMS Thinking are the force that generates more interest in the client’s brand
  • Face-to-Face Promotions – meeting customer face to face makes it easy to build relationships.  LMS Thinking can promote client’s businesses through personalised presentations that will increase demand for products
  • Market Research – LMS Thinking are frequently outsourced to develop in-person marketing strategies for both local and global brands.  The firm endeavour to understand the client’s market and then defines a process that will achieve the best possible result

LMS Thinking is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in three major economic cities; New York, London and Sydney.  LMS Thinking has a powerful way of reaching consumers through direct marketing methods, since the firm tailor the way they present their client’s product or service to mach each customer’s individual requirements.