LMS Thinking Take Advantages of ‘Real-Time’ Marketing Opportunities

Following an article from the Sydney Morning Herald revealing how many marketers are missing real-time opportunities, Sydney’s marketing firm, LMS Thinking hit back and claim there a many direct marketing agencies who heavily focus on real-time marketing.

When the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age launched weekday editions of their publications in a new format – tabloid size – both businesses were surprised from the lack of attention they received from marketers. As such a monumental change, the first in 180 years, failed to generate interest, the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age questioned why more marketers did not utilize the opportunity to create advertisements that capitalized on the event. Local outsourced sales and marketing firm LMS Thinking spoke out on the claims that marketers are missing ‘real time’ opportunities, and express how they place huge importance on ‘real time’ marketing.  LMS Thinking defends marketers in this case and claims the reason for this was not due to marketer’s lack of interest in ‘real time’, but because many do not see the value of investing in print advertising.

Tim Kennedy, the managing director of LMS Thinking claims marketers today are facing many issues. These include growing pressures to deliver results, wasting too much time on conducting research, experiencing a decline in innovation and seeing a surge in demand for higher return on investment from clients.

LMS Thinking’s use of direct marketing techniques enables them to engage with customers directly and respond to their needs in ‘real time’. Other benefits of direct marketing include having the ability to guarantee a high return on investment and being able to generate and deliver accurate results immediately.

LMS Thinking is leading provider of outsourced sales and marketing throughout Australia. With a head office in Sydney, (and further offices in London and New York) LMS Thinking develop direct marketing campaigns on behalf of their national and local clients. The firm, who also offers services in customer acquisition, claims their direct marketing campaigns is what allows them to operate in ‘real time’. Managing director Tim Kennedy of LMS Thinking says, “Real-time marketing in no way implies lack of planning, it simply allows flexible tactics and this is something our clients love. Our direct marketing strategies mean that we can engage with customers and respond in ‘real-time’ to their comments or industry trends.”  LMS Thinking urges more businesses to invest in direct marketing techniques if they want to see a rise in their sales, profits and customer loyalty.