LMS Thinking Predict Entrepreneurship Trend Set to Rise

As entrepreneurship in Australia is receiving much more attention, Tim Kennedy, CEO of LMS Thinking outlines the benefits that being your own boss brings and the firm predicts a rise in the entrepreneurship trend.

Many Australian’s dream of being their own boss and with hard work and careful planning, sales and marketing firm, LMS Thinking believe that self-employment can bring financial and lifestyle rewards along with enormous personal satisfaction.  As more individuals make the move into freelancing in Australia, LMS Thinking expects to see entrepreneurship boom.

The advantages of working freelance are simple.  ‘You can choose your work according to your interests and time, you can choose how many days/hours a week you want to work, you won’t have a boss breathing down your neck and you get out what you put in – if you put in extra hours, then that is reflected in your pay cheque’ said a spokesperson from LMS Thinking.

Over the last three years Australia’s fledging start-up scene has experience substantial growth.  There is much enthusiasm and strong growth in the number of accelerator and incubator programs available to help entrepreneurs start their business.  Many of the top universities in Australia have begun to build entrepreneur curricula.  And a number of Australia’s successful entrepreneurs and business leaders are now re-investing their own time and money into a new crop of start-ups. Australia has also seen increased media interest in start-ups and a broader general awareness of the industry.

But the advantages of working freelance do not come without hard work and dedication for success. ‘Once you look past the advantages of working freelance, you will see that freelancers work extremely hard and really get what they deserve.  Being a freelance worker can be very time consuming, but you are able to arrange your work around your life and circumstances, not the other way round. And the harder you work and the more committed you are to your goals, then the bigger and better the rewards will be’ says Tim Kennedy, CEO of LMS Thinking.  ‘Australian’s appreciate a work-life balance which I believe is a big part of this move towards freelancing. Working for yourself allows an element of freedom employment can’t compete with’ added Tim Kennedy.

LMS Thinking is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based three major economic cities; New York, London and Sydney.  An understanding of consumer needs and spending habits has enabled the firm to grow and expand into these three most competitive markets in the world. Without this understanding, the firm would not be as successful as it is today and would not be able to survive in the cut-throat industry of sales and marketing.