Steady Growth for Direct Marketing despite Social Media Boom

Direct marketing firm, LMS Thinking state despite the social media boom, direct marketing techniques will remain a dominant marketing strategy for converting sales.

With their recent study, The Creative Group predicts that the majority of advertising and marketing executives (62%) expect an increase of their company’s spending on Facebook marketing in the following 12 months – 9% more than they predicted one year ago.  Not surprisingly, the advertising spends on Facebook leads the list of social media marketing expenditure.

Despite the recent and on-going social media boom, direct marketing is still very competitive and is continuing to grow at a steady pace.  LMS Thinking highlights the many reasons why direct marketing is effective despite the rise of social media marketing.  Firstly, results are very easily measured. Secondly it is cost effective for clients and at the same time, converts sales at a faster rate than any other form of marketing.  Direct marketing includes tangible offers – this provides customers with a sense of urgency to respond within a certain period of time, allowing clients to keep better tabs on campaigns and see results faster.

Jeremiah Owyang, Chief Catalyst of Crowd Companies and editor of a report published named “How do companies measure ROI of social?” stated, in 2012, 65% of corporations used engagement data as the top used metric to understand social ROI, with only 22% using product revenue as a metric.

Since the report was published, pressure on reporting social media ROI has increased and agencies have made some progress in their reporting, however LMS Thinking are confident the accuracy in which they are able to report direct marketing results keeps them at the top of their field.

Direct marketing strategies involve presentations. These presentations allow a firm to showcase their client’s success and demonstrate the client’s area of expertise face to face with the customer as opposed through a social media platform.  A presentation will educate the customer better about the product or service, resulting in a higher rate of customer satisfaction. At LMS Thinking, they know that customer satisfaction is extremely important for the success of their clients business.  A high customer satisfaction rate will result in more sales and more money for the client.  Customers are always going to crave interaction with people therefore direct marketing will remain a strong way of converting sales.

Face to face direct marketing firms such as LMS Thinking receive instant feedback on the product or service being marketed.  LMS Thinking can then invest this feedback straight back into improving the quality of the service that they provide for their clients to ensure customer satisfaction, retention rates and loyalty are maintained at a high level.

LMS Thinking is an outsourced sales and marketing firm in Sydney, with offices in London and New York.  Founded in 2007 by Managing Director Tim Kennedy, LMS Thinking has been able to grow and develop across three major continents by using solely direct marketing strategies.  This method has been steadily rising in popularity, however, the last few years has seen the demand for direct marketing soar even with the competitive from social media marketing.

As both marketing methods continue to grow, LMS Thinking believe direct marketing and social media marketing will be used in harmony – cross-channel marketing will play a stronger roll – businesses will use social media for branding and direct marketing for sales.