What LMS Thinking are Saying about Business Growth in Australian Market

LMS Thinking is an international sales and marketing firm with offices based in London, New York and Sydney. Through the firm’s face to face direct marketing approach they carefully integrate both the sales and marketing processes; providing their clients with a return on investment that will surpass expectations. By taking their clients service directly to customers, the firm effectively drive profits and growth for any business with no risk factor.

At a time when most companies keep their heads down and struggle to find a way to survive the recession, LMS Thinking grew and expanded into multiple locations across 3 continents. The firm’s head offices are based in 3 major economic cities; London, New York and Sydney and LMS Thinking has a further 18 satellite offices throughout the UK, Ireland, Australia and the USA. LMS Thinking’s growth over the last few years exceeds industry standards, putting them at the top of their field and with plans for further growth in 2014; the firm continue to confirm their dominance within the sales and marketing industry.

Growth and expansion can be viewed by some in a negative manner, especially if it is too rapid. It can result in people and resources being stretched too thin with workloads becoming too much to handle, which may result in projects suffering. At LMS Thinking, the firm have been cautious to date to ensure that growth is controlled and hasn’t happened too rapidly – guaranteeing a high quality service is maintained for both clients and customers which has been reflected in the firm’s success in 3 continents. And as the economy continues to improve, continued growth for firms such as LMS Thinking is inevitable and the demand for outsourced services continues to rise.

After building their head office in Sydney and working on the development of a new wave of core business leaders there in 2013, LMS Thinking will open locations in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide in the first 6 months of 2014. Slightly ahead of schedule with their Australian and New Zealand roll out of locations, LMS Thinking’s founder, Tim Kennedy, says he is “very pleased with the quality and ambition of the people here in Sydney. If Sydney is anything to go by, then things are looking very bright for our projections of growth in 2014/15. Quality people looking for long term career prospects are the key to our success here in Australia. Logically, the more ambitious the people we work with are, the faster we as a business can grow. We have clients coming out of our ears, begging us to replicate the results we are achieving in NSW across the rest of the country, we really are just in need of the right people to manage those client relationships interstate.”

Tim Kennedy continues, “The target for 2014 is 250,000 new customer acquisitions across all live campaigns in Australia. That kind of new customer volume generates roughly $250 million in incremental revenue for our clients over the next three years and can really be the difference between hitting their shareholder targets or not. In London and New York, year after year, I hear the same feedback from our clients, ‘can you give us the same results in other states, in other countries?’ In Australia, I very much expect the client demand to follow the same pattern. This is very exciting for the current crop of talent in our management training program here in Sydney, as those future markets will potentially be their shot at running their own show and taking on their own client.”

LMS Thinking is a specialist outsourced, face to face, customer acquisition firm. They locate, train and manage, branded national face to face sales and marketing teams for industry leaders in the FMCG, Not for Profit, Security, Insurance, Financial Services and Telecommunications sectors.

Australia is a country which has been one of the few in the industrialised world to avoid the global financial crisis and has a low budget deficit and debt to GDP compared with other major economies. By the close of 2013, global outsourcing markets exceeded $480 billion so for companies looking to plan for the future, outsourcing is going to become an integral part of any business plan to aid expansion and success.

LMS Thinking announced the implementation of an on-site training academy at the firm’s Sydney location which is rumoured to launch in early 2014. As LMS Thinking constantly move towards their goal of becoming a global brand, the firm will focus their 2014 growth in the flourishing Australian market.