LMS Thinking Release 3 Step Guide to Success in International Markets

After gaining successful representation in 3 major international markets, (London, New York and Sydney) LMS Thinking release a 3 step guide to success in international markets. 

Having operated the business through the most recent world recession, it’s been a huge achievement for boutique sales and marketing agency LMS Thinking to establish themselves successfully in three of the world’s most competitive markets; London, New York and Sydney. In order to assist fellow business owners, LMS Thinking offers this 3 step guide to reaching business success which advises owners on how to build a strategy for growth and success.

  1. Develop a clear unique selling point that differentiates the business from competitors
  2. Have a strong and diverse management team that can respond quickly and efficiently to the ever-changing markets
  3. Have a deep understanding and cultural awareness of customers’ expectations

Every brand in the world requires face-to-face marketing and wants to improve their profit margins. So, in order to create a small business into a thriving one, a business must differentiate themselves from their competitors in the market. The development of a clear USP that is valued by customers in a broad range of markets is extremely important as opposed to selective niche markets that will only work in specific locations. By targeting a variety of markets, this has enabled LMS Thinking to maintain dominance in three countries, all in separate parts of the world.

In order for a business to evolve and grow, it needs a strong and diverse management team that responds well to change, and is led by a strong leadership. Entrepreneur and managing director, Tim Kennedy, is a visionary for the international brand, LMS Thinking and has goals to live and work between London, Sydney, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto and Cape Town. By being led by an individual or team with such ambitions, a business is more likely to see greater success in numerous markets. Tim Kennedy’s drive and motivation has contributed towards LMS Thinking’s triumphant representation in New York and Sydney.

LMS Thinking understand the customers it serves and the markets it operates in. It’s essential to have knowledge of local/national laws and compliance, as well as identifying customer expectations and market supply and demand. This will bring greater success rates which will enable businesses to grow. These were all areas that LMS Thinking had unprecedented expertise in, in all three of their competitive markets.

LMS Thinking started as a small business in 2007, specialising in recruiting, training and managing a nationwide sales force. In 2012, the firm expanded into New York, and earlier this year saw LMS Thinking launch in Sydney.

By following this simple 3 step formula, it will enable small businesses to plan business strategies that will help them evolve.