LMS Thinking Confirm Expansion into Sunny California

LMS Thinking Confirm Expansion into Sunny California

After making a name for themselves in multiple markets across the globe, outsourced sales and marketing firm LMS Thinking have confirmed that they will soon be making the move to Sunny California.

As an outsourced sales and marketing firm LMS Thinking is a leading provider of innovative direct marketing solutions which drive profits and helps clients to gain a greater market presence. By integrating their clients’ sales and marketing processes the firm are able to generate a return on investment which surpasses expectation, and provide their clients’ consumers with a hassle free, streamlined service. LMS Thinking believe that to succeed in today’s highly competitive market it is imperative for brands to invest in developing an enjoyable customer experience and as such, develop all their sales and marketing strategies with the customer in mind. To close the gap between brands and consumers and ensure each customer feels valued the firm meet with customers face to face, and on their clients behalf, use these interactions to deliver a tailor made service which is guaranteed to boost brand loyalty and increase profit.

After launching in the UK, LMS Thinking experienced a huge surge in demand for their personalised sales and marketing services and in 2012 expanded to the East Coast of America. After achieving great success in the American Market, the firm then expanded into Australia and set up a successful office in Sydney. Maintaining their connections with clients in the U.S and keeping a close eye on the ever changing market, LMS Thinking recently announced that they are now planning to continue their global expansion by opening an office on the east coast in California.

For managing Director and owner of LMS Thinking Tim Kennedy, an expansion to California has always been a firm goal. To ensure the expansion goes off without a hitch Kennedy has travelled to San Francisco and Los Angeles 3 times in the last 12 months to conduct market research, meet with clients and seek out potential office space which fits in with the requirements of the ever growing company.

With previous success in the east coast to their name, and a strong network of industry experts and clients already in place, opening an office in California is a natural step for the firm. LMS Thinking is keen to get started on this exciting new phase of the business’ development and whilst not date has been released yet for the expansion, the firm have confirmed that the move will take place within the next few months.

LMS Thinking Offer Guide to Being Successful in Sales

LMS Thinking

The idea that some people can sell, and some people can’t is a myth, claims direct marketing firm LMS Thinking. As long as a good strategy is in place anyone is capable of selling. LMS Thinking offers their advice on how to become a top selling sales representative.

It’s still a common belief among many industries that some people simply weren’t born to sell; sales and marketing firm LMS Thinking disagree with this statement, believing many companies are failing to provide an adequate sales strategy to support their sales people. It’s true that good sellers need a lot of confidence, however it’s not just confidence in themselves that makes the difference between hitting and missing those sales targets. Like in any role, a sales person needs to be provided with the right tools for the job to feel confident in their abilities to make a sale. A builder wouldn’t feel confident in his skills without possessing the tools of his trade and it’s the same for the sales industry. LMS Thinking believe anyone can sell providing the business has a strong and well thought-out sales strategy in place to arm the sales force with necessary skills. A good sales strategy can help almost anyone think like a ‘natural born’ seller, and help them identify leads and recognize potential where they never would have before.

LMS Thinking has shared two important factors that businesses should consider when devising a successful sales strategy.

The first factor worth remembering when compiling a sales strategy is than not everyone is a lead. One of the most important skills a sales person can have is the knowledge that some leads simply won’t amount to anything more. Many new sales people get so preoccupied with hitting sales targets that a lot of time is wasted following up on people who aren’t interested in the product or service they’re selling. A strong sales strategy will help a sales force develop their skills in identifying potential leads and understanding the target demographic to ensure they are selling to the right people. Leads who take a while to make a decision rarely follow through with a purchase, unless there’s a way for the sales person to simplify the decision.

This leads on to factor two, a successful sales person flourishes when they are presented with a challenge or obstacle as they are far more skilled at seeing possibilities where others can’t. Customer communication is key, a strong sales strategy should be heavily customer centric to encourage positive interaction between the sales person and the customer. Many potential leads may be interested in a product yet find the buying process challenging. By communicating with a customer a sales person can understand what’s holding them back and find solutions, making the process easier for the customer. A good sales strategy should encourage a sales force to think more creatively and prepare them to put the extra time in to fully understand and resolve customer issues.

LMS Thinking is a sales and marketing firm with offices in London, Sydney and New York. The firm are specialists in providing direct marketing solutions to clients from many different industries. The firm believe that customer interaction is highly important and operate their campaigns through direct face to face promotions. Through their own friendly and experienced sales force, LMS Thinking can provide their clients with a thorough understanding of their customers’ needs. This personal approach to sales means LMS Thinking can increase their clients’ customer retention rates and boost a positive brand message.

LMS Thinking End USA Tour in New York


After being based in Sydney for the last 12 months, managing director of LMS Thinking, Tim Kennedy returned to the US and took an opportunity to return to New York, and spend some time with LMS Thinking’s Manhattan office.

Returning to the US to attend one of the industry’s biggest events, The USA Sales Awards in Philadelphia, Tim Kennedy was presented with an ideal opportunity to follow up some exciting plans from LMS Thinking’s head office in Manhattan. His visit to the US also coincided with some important client meetings and prior to the ceremony Tim Kennedy met with clients to recap the progress of their outsourced marketing services over the last year. Tim Kennedy plans to round off his time in the States by heading off to New York to run some specially organised seminars for the 6 budding entrepreneurs he mentored whilst launching the US expansion of LMS Thinking in 2012. The seminars will coach the entrepreneurs in many aspects of business management and provide them with further skills to aid them towards their own successful business careers.

Before reaching New York to meet with the entrepreneurs, Tim Kennedy attended the USA Sales Awards at the Kimmel Centre of Performing Arts in Philadelphia. The annual awards ceremony held on the 28th of June brought together 2500 professionals from the sales and marketing industry, and presented 200 awards specially designed to recognise innovation and notable industry success.

Tim Kennedy will remain in New York until the 5th of July to ensure the entrepreneurs he’s working with get the best possible advice and knowledge needed for their ventures into the business world. Whilst at LMS Thinking’s Manhattan office Tim Kennedy has a packed schedule, and will also be spending his time there investing in some of the entrepreneurs he mentored over a year ago. The US economy has seen a positive start to the year, making now a great time to invest in and run businesses in the country. With a rise in consumer spending on large purchases such as cars, and high levels of employment as firms continue to hire at a strong pace, there is currently a very exciting and promising window of opportunity for LMS Thinking to invest in fresh talent and businesses.






LMS Thinking: Australian Economy in hands of Young Entrepreneurs

Businessman Carrying A Briefcase And Coming Out Of An Eggshell Clipart Illustration Image

With the Australian economy in critical need of diversification, Sydney-based direct marketing firm LMS Thinking, encourage more businesses to follow suit and focus on developing the country’s young entrepreneurs.

A recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald tackled the growing issues faced by the Australian economy and suggested encouraging entrepreneurship among the younger generation could be the solution, an opinion that Sydney-based direct marketing firm LMS Thinking shares.

There are currently three critical trends holding the Australian economy back, the first being the high rates of youth unemployment which is currently double the rate of national unemployment. With the level of youth unemployment set to steadily rise over the coming years, there is a massive demand for new businesses and job opportunities for the younger generation.


Many worry that this high level of youth unemployment has a serious risk of damaging the economy’s future. Previous research has found that those who experience unemployment at an early age are likely to find themselves out of work again in later life. Those struggling to find work often lose faith in their ability to find a career and more often than not, settle for lower paid and uninspiring job roles, saturating the market with young minds not reaching their full potential.

Another common trend affecting the economy is the disbanding work force. It’s estimated that in six years around 50% of the country’s workers will be technically self-employed, working in either consultant or freelance roles. This lack of enterprises employing workers means far fewer job opportunities are available for younger people who lack the knowledge to become self-employed themselves.

The final worrying trend is the desperate need for diversification within the economy, the current main players contributing 80% are the mining and accountancy industries. A strong economy needs variety and the small business sector has the potential to provide this, not only to create more job opportunities, but to help develop and grow local communities into vibrant and innovative hubs. Many entrepreneurs starting new businesses look to employ fresh young minds not only to inspire but to give them the chances that they themselves had. Therefore, it is now more important than ever to present entrepreneurship as a viable career option for young people.

Many are now calling for the Government to step up and incorporate entrepreneurship programmes through all levels of education. Learning the skills needed to become an entrepreneur will both inspire young people and help them realise their potential. Many younger individuals may not realise that thanks to the now vast supply of online tools it’s more affordable than ever to start a business, not only locally but globally.

Teaching young people in school entrepreneurship could aid them within not just the business world, by learning time management techniques and problem solving are universal skills that could transfer to many other aspects of their education.

There is also a call for industry to take action. With many young people struggling after leaving school many are eager for the country’s Government and industries to provide resources to support potential entrepreneurs. LMS Thinking are one of the businesses who recognize the great need for entrepreneurship training and support.

LMS Thinking offers a Business Development Program to young people to encourage them to start their own business. The program teaches the necessary skills needed to start and develop a successful business ranging from management, sales and marketing techniques, communication and customer service. By allowing young people to experience training in a business setting, LMS Thinking believe young people will be thoroughly prepared for entrepreneurship.

LMS Thinking is a Sydney-based direct sales and marketing company. With further offices in London and New York, LMS Thinking provide a wide range of clients with successful sales strategies and unique marketing techniques to help improve customer loyalty and brand awareness.

LMS Thinking Offer 4 Tips to Improving Customer loyalty

LMS Thinking Offer 4 Tips

With customer loyalty steadily declining despite heavy investments in marketing, LMS Thinking share their tips to help improve retention rates for local businesses.

It is no secret that it costs less to retain existing customers than to acquire new ones. Repeat business is essential to any growing business which is why Tim Kennedy, Managing Director of outsourced sales and marketing firm LMS Thinking has revealed the 4 steps they follow to not only increase customer loyalty but to retain satisfied customers.

Know your customer.  Take the time to learn about your existing or potential customers, their needs and their wants. Tim Kennedy, MD of LMS Thinking states “The key to success is to know the wants, wishes and buying

behaviours of potential customers. Analyse your market, the number of potential customers that fit your target demographic and tailor your marketing campaign, or more specifically, your approach, accordingly”

Humanise your brand through customer interaction and engagement.  Using a more personalised, human-like approach is what will make customers connect with your brand; and that connection will help lead to stronger brand loyalty. “As an outsourced sales and marketing company we are the face of many different brands so perfecting this step is especially important to us. We are out in the field on a daily basis engaging with customers and as such appreciate the importance of having an empathetic and human approach” says Tim Kennedy of LMS Thinking.

Improve your customer experience. In the marketing industry a lot of time and money is spent on creative resources to try and get customers to take the action we want them to take. Instead of investing so much time in these creative avenues go back to basics and focus on delivering a greater customer experience. Prioritise campaigns that offer customers real value and that enhance your brand. Tim Kennedy explains “At LMS Thinking we take customers into account in every aspect of our business. This customer-centric thinking has helped us develop unique campaigns that deliver exceptional results and a long standing customer-base for clients”

Measure your customer loyalty. By routinely reaching out to customers for feedback on what is working, and what isn’t, businesses can stay on top of trends and adjust their marketing activity accordingly.  ”Many businesses are too afraid to ask for customer feedback but this is incredibly important if you want to improve customer loyalty. Finding out what is working and what isn’t will help you refine your marketing strategies, branding and overall retention rates”.

LMS Thinking is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based three major economic cities; New York, London and Sydney. Through combining the perfect balance of strategic sales with an enticing marketing approach, the firm deliver a strong return on investment that exceeds client expectations.

LMS Thinking Reveal 9 Crucial Tips for Business Success

LMS Thinking Tips for Businesses

Starting a new business can be a bit of a minefield when it comes to the dos and don’ts and there are literally hundreds of articles online advising budding entrepreneurs on the best way to business success Condensing all this information and working out what advice to follow can be extremely tricky. To aid young businesses through their vital early stages, LMS Thinking reveal 9 top tips to help guide entrepreneurs to business success.

 Be Individual

The business world is full of competing companies struggling to get ahead in their chosen market. The reason for this is that instead of focusing on what makes them unique, they’re too preoccupied with keeping up with their competitors. It’s easy for a company to claim that they offer the ‘best quality’ or an ‘unbeatable service’ however these kinds of statements fall flat for most consumers. In many cases, if a company has a strong USP, they have no need for statements like these as the quality and individuality of their product speaks for itself.

Inferiority Aids Learning

It’s easy to feel a sense of superiority when running a new business, you may feel like you know the market well, but Managing Director of LMS Thinking Tim Kennedy believes there’s always more to learn ‘ maintaining a sense of inferiority in business puts you in the best frame of mind to be constantly learning new things’.


Practice is always a sure fire way to keep the mind sharp, however practicing when times are tough and the business is feeling resistance is a great way to prepare for any future issues. By pushing against the current, business leaders will soon find their everyday approach to problem solving highly improved.

Give and Take

MD Tim Kennedy says ‘the best working relationships are interactive’. And it’s important to keep business relationships as a two way street. By introducing a back and forth dynamic within business will help individuals feel valued, as well as give each party involved the chance to learn from and improve each other’s working techniques.

Don’t Be Arrogant

It may seem obvious, but many businesses fail to reach their potential due to entrepreneurs’ refusal to be aided by superiors. These superiors can provide precious business advice, so don’t be too proud to take it.


According to MD Tim Kennedy ‘everyone has different strengths; successful people learn to shape the world around them to best meet their needs’. Instead of struggling to find their place, entrepreneurs should focus on adjusting their environment to suit their own strengths.

Harness Impatience

When building a business it can be easy to become impatient if things aren’t moving as quickly as anticipated. However impatience can lead to rash decisions and creative mistakes, so it’s important to rein in any impatient impulses.

Let Your Brain Do The Work

The brain is wired to naturally make connections as long as it’s constantly being fed information. By stressing over a task the brain can shut down, by putting the task to one side and instead taking in all related information, gives the brain a chance to make the connection, making problem solving easier.

Love your Company

The most important aspect to success in business is for entrepreneurs to love their job. By loving their chosen field at a basic level will give the everyday drive they need to make it a success, and that passion will be reflected in employees and colleagues. 

Success in business isn’t just down to negotiating a competitive market, it’s also about having the right mind set to succeed not just as an individual but as a business as a whole. By following these tips LMS Thinking believes young entrepreneurs and fledgling businesses can learn to apply the correct mentality needed to gain business success.

LMS Thinking: Direct marketing Fit into the Marketing Mix for Household Brands

LMS Thinking can benefit clients

Outsourced sales and marketing firm, LMS Thinking highlight the reasons why direct marketing is an effective form of marketing and how their services can benefit clients.

A recently released study revealed the numerous benefits of planning and executing effective cross-channel marketing campaigns, according to Print in the Mix. The survey, commissioned by Forrester Consulting, featured nearly eight out of 10 respondents, or 78 percent, who agreed with the statement that cross-channel marketing was important or very important to the success of their business.

Cross-channel marketing is the practice of using multiple channels to reach customers.  In addition to allowing business to reach customers through different mediums, cross-channel marketing also makes it easy for customers to complete desired transactions with a company on whatever medium they are most comfortable with; it lets the user decided, giving customers a choice. The benefits of cross-channel marketing include – increased brand exposure, more touch points for data collection, consistency in business and more choice for customers.

There are many channels a business can take advantage of in order to reach potential customers, including retails stores, websites, emails and direct marketing. Direct marketing strategies are a very effective way for companies to reach consumers and make a profit (61% of marketers will invest more in direct marketing).  LMS Thinking have observed consumers change the way that they research and shop for products and in response have developed direct marketing campaigns that appeal to the modern day consumer.  ‘Here at LMS Thinking, we develop direct marketing campaigns because they are a more effective marketing strategy for our clients.  Communication is interactive and two way, between the consumer and the company, marketers provide value plus they seek to educate the customer about the product or service that is on offer’ explains Tim, Kennedy, Managing Director of LMS Thinking.

Direct marketing receives instant feedback that can then be invested straight back into improving the quality of the service or product being sold.  This ensures customer satisfaction; retention rates and loyalty are maintained at a high level and can guarantees that the direct marketing strategy is complimenting other marketing messages that are also being used.

Whether it is a new customer focussed strategy, assistance mapping of a new marketing strategy or help improving the performance of a current marketing campaign, LMS Thinking can help.

LMS Thinking benefits their clients through the use of the firm’s services.  For example:

  • Lead Generation – LMS Thinking are the force that generates more interest in the client’s brand
  • Face-to-Face Promotions – meeting customer face to face makes it easy to build relationships.  LMS Thinking can promote client’s businesses through personalised presentations that will increase demand for products
  • Market Research – LMS Thinking are frequently outsourced to develop in-person marketing strategies for both local and global brands.  The firm endeavour to understand the client’s market and then defines a process that will achieve the best possible result

LMS Thinking is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in three major economic cities; New York, London and Sydney.  LMS Thinking has a powerful way of reaching consumers through direct marketing methods, since the firm tailor the way they present their client’s product or service to mach each customer’s individual requirements.

LMS Thinking Take Advantages of ‘Real-Time’ Marketing Opportunities

LMS Thinking Marketing Opportunities

Following an article from the Sydney Morning Herald revealing how many marketers are missing real-time opportunities, Sydney’s marketing firm, LMS Thinking hit back and claim there a many direct marketing agencies who heavily focus on real-time marketing.

When the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age launched weekday editions of their publications in a new format – tabloid size – both businesses were surprised from the lack of attention they received from marketers. As such a monumental change, the first in 180 years, failed to generate interest, the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age questioned why more marketers did not utilize the opportunity to create advertisements that capitalized on the event. Local outsourced sales and marketing firm LMS Thinking spoke out on the claims that marketers are missing ‘real time’ opportunities, and express how they place huge importance on ‘real time’ marketing.  LMS Thinking defends marketers in this case and claims the reason for this was not due to marketer’s lack of interest in ‘real time’, but because many do not see the value of investing in print advertising.

Tim Kennedy, the managing director of LMS Thinking claims marketers today are facing many issues. These include growing pressures to deliver results, wasting too much time on conducting research, experiencing a decline in innovation and seeing a surge in demand for higher return on investment from clients.

LMS Thinking’s use of direct marketing techniques enables them to engage with customers directly and respond to their needs in ‘real time’. Other benefits of direct marketing include having the ability to guarantee a high return on investment and being able to generate and deliver accurate results immediately.

LMS Thinking is leading provider of outsourced sales and marketing throughout Australia. With a head office in Sydney, (and further offices in London and New York) LMS Thinking develop direct marketing campaigns on behalf of their national and local clients. The firm, who also offers services in customer acquisition, claims their direct marketing campaigns is what allows them to operate in ‘real time’. Managing director Tim Kennedy of LMS Thinking says, “Real-time marketing in no way implies lack of planning, it simply allows flexible tactics and this is something our clients love. Our direct marketing strategies mean that we can engage with customers and respond in ‘real-time’ to their comments or industry trends.”  LMS Thinking urges more businesses to invest in direct marketing techniques if they want to see a rise in their sales, profits and customer loyalty.




LMS Thinking Entrepreneurship Video

LMS Thinking MD Scouting Office Space in Brisbane and Perth

LMS Thinking office space

Sydney based sales and marketing firm LMS Thinking source office space in Brisbane and Perth.  The firm are looking to expand throughout the Australian market, and explain the reasons why Australia is a good market for business expansion.

LMS Thinking is an international sales and marketing firm located in Sydney with offices in London and New York.  Founded in 2007 by Managing Director, Tim Kennedy, LMS Thinking has been able to grow and develop across three major continents by using solely direct marketing strategies. Through the firm’s face to face direct marketing approach they carefully integrate both the sales and the marketing processes; providing their clients with a return on investment that will surpass expectations. By taking their clients service directly to customers, the firm effectively drive profits and growth for any business with no risk factor.

At a time when most companies keep their heads down and struggle to find a way to survive the recession, LMS Thinking have grown and expanded into multiple locations across 3 major continents. In the past 12 month, LMS Thinking has increased sales by 40%. The firm’s head offices are based in 3 major economic cities; London, New York and Sydney and LMS Thinking has a further 18 satellite offices throughout the UK, Ireland, Australia and the USA. LMS Thinking’s growth over the last few years exceeds industry standards, putting them at the top of their field and with plans for further growth in 2014; the firm continue to confirm their dominance within the sales and marketing industry.

Since the firm’s establishment in Sydney last year, LMS Thinking have been working towards expanding throughout the Australian market and have now begun to scout out offices spaces in Brisbane and Perth.  ‘I was in Brisbane last week looking at office space and was in Perth the week before doing the same’ said Tim Kennedy, Managing Director of LMS Thinking.

Australia has a great market for firms like LMS Thinking.  It is a country which has been one of the few in the industrialised world to avoid the global financial crisis and has a low budget deficit and debt to GDP compared with other major economies. By the close of 2013, global outsourcing markets exceeded $480 billion so for companies looking to plan for the future, outsourcing is going to become an integral part of any business plan to aid expansion and success.  Australia is also the passport for the Asian and Pacific markets, both established and emerging realities composed of hundreds of millions of potential customers.

Australia is a major trading nation, with eight of its top export markets within the Asian region. With these trade links, strategic location and a highly educated, multilingual workforce, Australia is uniquely positioned as a platform for growth. Australia also bridges the world’s major time zones, offering 24-hour access for global organisations.

LMS Thinking Predict Entrepreneurship Trend Set to Rise

LMS Thinking Predict Entrepreneurship Trend

As entrepreneurship in Australia is receiving much more attention, Tim Kennedy, CEO of LMS Thinking outlines the benefits that being your own boss brings and the firm predicts a rise in the entrepreneurship trend.

Many Australian’s dream of being their own boss and with hard work and careful planning, sales and marketing firm, LMS Thinking believe that self-employment can bring financial and lifestyle rewards along with enormous personal satisfaction.  As more individuals make the move into freelancing in Australia, LMS Thinking expects to see entrepreneurship boom.

The advantages of working freelance are simple.  ‘You can choose your work according to your interests and time, you can choose how many days/hours a week you want to work, you won’t have a boss breathing down your neck and you get out what you put in – if you put in extra hours, then that is reflected in your pay cheque’ said a spokesperson from LMS Thinking.

Over the last three years Australia’s fledging start-up scene has experience substantial growth.  There is much enthusiasm and strong growth in the number of accelerator and incubator programs available to help entrepreneurs start their business.  Many of the top universities in Australia have begun to build entrepreneur curricula.  And a number of Australia’s successful entrepreneurs and business leaders are now re-investing their own time and money into a new crop of start-ups. Australia has also seen increased media interest in start-ups and a broader general awareness of the industry.

But the advantages of working freelance do not come without hard work and dedication for success. ‘Once you look past the advantages of working freelance, you will see that freelancers work extremely hard and really get what they deserve.  Being a freelance worker can be very time consuming, but you are able to arrange your work around your life and circumstances, not the other way round. And the harder you work and the more committed you are to your goals, then the bigger and better the rewards will be’ says Tim Kennedy, CEO of LMS Thinking.  ‘Australian’s appreciate a work-life balance which I believe is a big part of this move towards freelancing. Working for yourself allows an element of freedom employment can’t compete with’ added Tim Kennedy.

LMS Thinking is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based three major economic cities; New York, London and Sydney.  An understanding of consumer needs and spending habits has enabled the firm to grow and expand into these three most competitive markets in the world. Without this understanding, the firm would not be as successful as it is today and would not be able to survive in the cut-throat industry of sales and marketing.

LMS Thinking Warns One Marketing Message Is Not Enough

LMS Thinking Marketing Message

Businesses which rely on only one form of marketing will be ‘crushed by competitors’ – so claims entrepreneur Tim Kennedy, owner and director of international direct marketing firm LMS Thinking.

 LMS Thinking reports that cross-channel marketing is on the rise. The 2014 Digital Marketer report by Experian demonstrates that 80% of marketers worldwide will use cross-channel marketing this year, with the majority planning to market on 3 or 4 channels. Typical cross-channel strategies integrate the marketing message across a range of channels such as retail, digital/social media, mobile, ecommerce, direct mail, email, print media, television, and in-person marketing.  LMS Thinking warns that companies which fail to use multiple marketing channels are missing valuable opportunities to reach customers, as marketing across multiple channels allows brand exposure to different demographics and market segments. The firm predicts that over Q3 and Q4 this year more businesses will turn to LMS Thinking’s outsourced direct marketing service as a way to personalize their marketing message and complement online and televised marketing campaigns.

LMS Thinking director Tim Kennedy believes that Australian businesses in particular need to focus on widening their channels of communication. Experian’s 2013 Australia Cross-Channel Marketing Report highlights that last year only 51% of Australian marketing campaigns were integrated across multiple channels; simultaneously 75% of marketers surveyed expressed difficulty in getting their marketing communications to be heard in the marketplace. LMS Thinking’s Tim Kennedy believes that the problem lies with the ‘short-term, campaign-centric approach’ highlighted in the study, wherein nearly 50% of businesses surveyed did not have a long-term marketing strategy in place.

“Choosing to ignore segment difference and attempting to appeal to the mass market by using TV advertising or PPC will remain important for building brand identity and generating awareness of products. However one marketing message is not enough,” claims Tim Kennedy, director of LMS Thinking. “Customer buying behavior has changed, and embracing cross-channel marketing is essential for any business that aims to succeed in today’s competitive market. Brands must be seen to be embracing modern marketing methods, as well as using more personalized marketing campaigns to stay in the forefront of the consumer’s mind.”

LMS Thinking provides in-person marketing campaigns using in-store, events, and business-to-business approaches. These direct marketing strategies reinforce clients’ existing campaigns by maintaining the brands’ core concepts and values to ensure that the marketing message is consistent across all channels. The firm adds value to the brand by tailoring the experience to each customer through one-on-one conversations with consumers. “We find that our clients’ existing campaigns are successful in delivering the brand name to a high volume of consumers. Our direct marketing campaigns add the personal element, which is harder to achieve through a mass-media campaign. So each campaign complements the other and the variety of approaches provides the client with a greater opportunity to reach consumers,” says Tim Kennedy, director of LMS Thinking.

LMS Thinking is an international direct marketing firm operating out of Sydney, New York, and London.



LMS Thinking Reveal Best Marketing Tactics to Boost Customer Acquisition

LMS Thinking Reveal Best Marketing Tactics to Boost Customer Acquisition

Sydney-based company LMS Thinking reveals how to build a successful campaign and maintain a loyal customer base through the use of direct marketing strategies.LMS Thinking is an outsourced marketing and sales company which offers direct marketing campaigns to brands from a wide range of industries across 3 continents. LMS Thinking opened its Sydney office in March 2013, and in the first 6 months had already cornered 9% of the city’s outsourcing market. Due to phenomenal growth in the last 12 months the firm plans to open new offices in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and Brisbane this year. In addition to the Australian expansion, LMS Thinking has been active in London, UK since 2007 and in New York City, USA since 2012. The company’s clients include businesses from the cosmetics, telecoms, entertainment, and non-profit industries. Managing director Tim Kennedy asserts that the use of direct marketing has been instrumental in the growth and development of the company over the last 7 years.

Direct marketing is a diverse industry which covers the promotion of products and services to consumers through personalised, targeted communications. LMS Thinking provides in-person direct marketing services through business to business, events-based marketing and in-store promotional campaigns. LMS Thinking reports that person to person marketing and selling generates high quality leads and develops customer loyalty by creating a stronger level of consumer engagement with the product or service on offer. “What remains consistent across the 3 continents we have worked across – Europe, North America and Australasia – is that people like to buy from people. I believe that there are so many online and media advertisements clamouring for attention that people do start to tune out. However, a friendly conversation with a human being which addresses the consumer’s needs and answers their questions honestly is something that can really make a brand stand out from all the others,” says Tim Kennedy, managing director of LMS Thinking. Research from the US Direct Selling Association reveals that 74% of American adults have purchased products from a direct seller, and that the industry accounts for US$166.9 billion worldwide. LMS Thinking also reports that direct marketing is highly measurable and accountable, allowing the firm to analyse which campaigns and strategies are the most efficient and cost-effective for the client.

LMS Thinking suggests that Australian businesses should utilise direct marketing as an extension of their online and traditional marketing campaigns. “We do not expect direct marketing to replace pre-existing campaigns, but rather to be used as a cost-effective addition to boost customer retention and brand reach,” says managing director Tim Kennedy.

LMS Thinking Celebrate 1 Year in Sydney

LMS Thinking Celebrate 1 Year in Sydney

Steady Growth for Direct Marketing despite Social Media Boom According to LMS Thinking


Direct marketing firm, LMS Thinking state despite the social media boom, direct marketing techniques will remain a dominant marketing strategy for converting sales.

With their recent study, The Creative Group predicts that the majority of advertising and marketing executives (62%) expect an increase of their company’s spending on Facebook marketing in the following 12 months – 9% more than they predicted one year ago.  Not surprisingly, the advertising spends on Facebook leads the list of social media marketing expenditure.

Despite the recent and on-going social media boom, direct marketing is still very competitive and is continuing to grow at a steady pace.  LMS Thinking highlights the many reasons why direct marketing is effective despite the rise of social media marketing.  Firstly, results are very easily measured. Secondly it is cost effective for clients and at the same time, converts sales at a faster rate than any other form of marketing.  Direct marketing includes tangible offers – this provides customers with a sense of urgency to respond within a certain period of time, allowing clients to keep better tabs on campaigns and see results faster.

Jeremiah Owyang, Chief Catalyst of Crowd Companies and editor of a report published named “How do companies measure ROI of social?” stated, in 2012, 65% of corporations used engagement data as the top used metric to understand social ROI, with only 22% using product revenue as a metric.

Since the report was published, pressure on reporting social media ROI has increased and agencies have made some progress in their reporting, however LMS Thinking are confident the accuracy in which they are able to report direct marketing results keeps them at the top of their field.

Direct marketing strategies involve presentations. These presentations allow a firm to showcase their client’s success and demonstrate the client’s area of expertise face to face with the customer as opposed through a social media platform.  A presentation will educate the customer better about the product or service, resulting in a higher rate of customer satisfaction. At LMS Thinking, they know that customer satisfaction is extremely important for the success of their clients business.  A high customer satisfaction rate will result in more sales and more money for the client.  Customers are always going to crave interaction with people therefore direct marketing will remain a strong way of converting sales.

Face to face direct marketing firms such as LMS Thinking receive instant feedback on the product or service being marketed.  LMS Thinking can then invest this feedback straight back into improving the quality of the service that they provide for their clients to ensure customer satisfaction, retention rates and loyalty are maintained at a high level.

LMS Thinking is an outsourced sales and marketing firm in Sydney, with offices in London and New York.  Founded in 2007 by Managing Director Tim Kennedy, LMS Thinking has been able to grow and develop across three major continents by using solely direct marketing strategies.  This method has been steadily rising in popularity, however, the last few years has seen the demand for direct marketing soar even with the competitive from social media marketing.

As both marketing methods continue to grow, LMS Thinking believe direct marketing and social media marketing will be used in harmony – cross-channel marketing will play a stronger roll – businesses will use social media for branding and direct marketing for sales.

LMS Thinking MD Tim Kennedy Named Stand Out Speaker at Las Vegas Conference

Tim Las Vegas

At the weekend, Managing director Tim Kennedy of LMS Thinking was recognized for his international business success and was dubbed standout speaker for his speech at the Las Vegas Sales Conference.Last weekend, The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas became host to a prestigious sales conference. Managing director Tim Kennedy of LMS Thinking was named the keynote speaker at the event for his speech on ‘The Foundations of Success’.

The Sales Conference, which took place at the iconic Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas attracted 250 small business owners and entrepreneurs from across America, Europe and Australia. Located on the Las Vegas strip, The Cosmopolitan boasts a range of flexible convention and meeting facilities that can be configured to cater for such events. Attendees of the conference saw speeches from several entrepreneurs, however, the feedback on the day recognized Tim Kennedy of LMS Thinking as the standout speaker.

Tim Kennedy, the managing director of LMS Thinking delivered a speech about building success. His speech consisted of highlighting a four week plan to change the mentality of individuals they are coaching/mentoring to be more positive and goal orientated. Tim Kennedy emphasized the importance of goal setting in business and how it is usually credited for determining success. By setting regular goals throughout the year, it gives the business a clear direction. This is supported by the study title d, ‘1953 Yale Study of Goals’ which was published in Fast Company magazine. Research collected from this study confirmed that people are more likely to succeed if they have specific goals written down, compared to those who don’t.

Not only was Tim Kennedy’s speech noted as being inspirational, but his own personal successes were also celebrated. He established his business LMS Thinking in London for 10 years, before expanding LMS Thinking into New York and Sydney.

LMS Thinking is a leading provider of outsourced sales across three continents. Specializing in direct marketing, LMS Thinking deliver compelling marketing campaigns on behalf of their clients. These campaigns help raise brand awareness and brand loyalty, generate quality leads and increase sales revenue.

The firm’s success in all three continents was a result of Tim Kennedy’s strategic leadership, business management and goal setting. Tim Kennedy set up his business in London, and for 10 years, he set the foundations for success. The managing director claims that his expansion into America and Australia was only possible because of his strategic planning, management and goal setting whilst operating in London.

LMS Thinking: Face-To-Face Marketing Increases Brand Loyalty


According to research, nearly 40% of consumers make their buying decisions depending on their relationship with a brand. LMS Thinking say that face-to-face marketing increases long-lasting rapport between brands and consumers.

The findings of the Ernst & Young survey reveal that brand loyalty is a determining factor in making buying decisions for just fewer than 40% of consumers. For the study, nearly 25,000 people across 34 different markets worldwide were questioned (forbes.com). Tim Kennedy, Managing Director of LMS Thinking, says: “These figures show that the importance of building strong relationships with consumers in order to increase brand loyalty need to be taken into serious consideration when allocating the marketing budget.”

According to an article published by Imani Laners on Forbes, brand loyalty is an emotional act and brand loyal customers have an emotional connection with the brand they are faithful to (entrepreneur.com). LMS Thinking believe that such emotional connection can be built through face-to-face customer interaction.

Tim Kennedy of LMS Thinking explains: “When marketers think of direct sales and marketing, often the first thing in their mind is that they do not want to bother their customers with a robotic sales pitch; and I totally agree.” Tim Kennedy continues: “The reality is, face-to-face marketing offers an amazing opportunity to connect with people, have a conversation, laugh, build a connection and be there to assist when people have questions.”

Considering the fact that almost half of consumer’s worldwide buy according to their relationship with a brand, Tim Kennedy of LMS Thinking recommends making brand loyalty a top priority when it comes to designing a marketing strategy.

LMS Thinking are a direct sales and marketing firm based in Sydney. Businesses outsource their direct marketing to LMS Thinking whose qualified sales force approaches consumers face-to-face in order to raise positive brand awareness on behalf of their clients. “We offer a personalised shopping experience and rather than sending out a general message, we can take time for each consumer individually, no matter if they are a potential or existing customer, we make them feel welcome and look after them”, explains Managing Director Tim Kennedy.

Brand loyalty has a direct impact on its ROI. “Returning customers are not only cheaper than gaining new ones, they are very likely to recommend the brand and bring more people along”, says Tim Kennedy. LMS Thinking have a fantastic reputation among their clients for providing an excellent customer experience. Last year’s results support this feedback. After outsourcing LMS thinking to perform direct sales and marketing, businesses report increased loyalty of over 30% through repeat buyers which had a direct impact on their bottom line. “This is a great result and shows that our hard work pays off”, adds Tim Kennedy. LMS Thinking are now preparing their expansion into further Australian markets by the end of 2014.

LMS Thinking Outline 5 Reasons Australian Businesses Should Consider Using Direct Marketing

LMS Thinking - Direct Marketing

As the demand for direct marketing rises, leading provider of outsourced services, LMS Thinking in Sydney, highlights five reasons why businesses should consider this form of marketing.

LMS Thinking is an outsourced sales and marketing firm in Sydney, with offices also in London and New York. The firm, which was founded in 2007 by managing director Tim Kennedy, has been able to grow and develop across three major continents by using solely direct marketing strategies. This method has been steadily rising in popularity, however, the last few years has seen the demand for direct marketing soar as its benefits start to become much clearer.

LMS Thinking urge businesses to implement direct marketing campaigns into their marketing strategies, as raising the profile of their brand is essential. The Sydney-based firm claim direct marketing is a very effective tool for doing just that. LMS Thinking outline their five top reasons for using direct marketing:

1. Cost-Effective

Direct marketing brings the product or service straight to the customer and marketers are able to deliver the clients messages instantly, without the need for spending money on additional marketing materials. LMS Thinking offer direct marketing campaigns on a pay-on-results basis. This means clients only pay when the marketing efforts result in quantifiable sales. For this reason, LMS Thinking are more cost-effective than any other marketing method.

2. Provides Accurate and Immediate Results

Direct marketing delivers immediate results which are quantifiable, and gives a more accurate estimate of the conversion rate. LMS Thinking claims this enables them to be able to monitor the marketing strategy as well as helping with the planning of future campaigns more effectively.

3. High ROI

The pay-on-results policy that LMS Thinking offer guarantees their clients a high ROI, which other forms of marketing cannot compete with.

4. Develops Customer Relationships

LMS Thinking express that by interacting with customers directly, it allows for a rapport to be built with current customers, as well as meeting new prospects. The personal relationships formed with customers not only generates loyalty to the brand, but also gives them the all-important positive customer experience.

5. Experiment with New Markets

As direct marketing is so cost-effective, it can be used to test new markets and see how they react to specific a product or service. The information collected can be used for future campaigns and expansion plans. LMS Thinking attribute direct marketing for their growth across markets in Australia, America and the UK.

As the demand for direct marketing rises, LMS Thinking encourage even more Australian businesses to use this form of marketing.

LMS Thinking is an outsourced sales and marketing firm who deliver compelling direct marketing campaigns. The firm will open further offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide in the first six months of 2014.

What LMS Thinking are Saying about Business Growth in Australian Market


LMS Thinking is an international sales and marketing firm with offices based in London, New York and Sydney. Through the firm’s face to face direct marketing approach they carefully integrate both the sales and marketing processes; providing their clients with a return on investment that will surpass expectations. By taking their clients service directly to customers, the firm effectively drive profits and growth for any business with no risk factor.

At a time when most companies keep their heads down and struggle to find a way to survive the recession, LMS Thinking grew and expanded into multiple locations across 3 continents. The firm’s head offices are based in 3 major economic cities; London, New York and Sydney and LMS Thinking has a further 18 satellite offices throughout the UK, Ireland, Australia and the USA. LMS Thinking’s growth over the last few years exceeds industry standards, putting them at the top of their field and with plans for further growth in 2014; the firm continue to confirm their dominance within the sales and marketing industry.

Growth and expansion can be viewed by some in a negative manner, especially if it is too rapid. It can result in people and resources being stretched too thin with workloads becoming too much to handle, which may result in projects suffering. At LMS Thinking, the firm have been cautious to date to ensure that growth is controlled and hasn’t happened too rapidly – guaranteeing a high quality service is maintained for both clients and customers which has been reflected in the firm’s success in 3 continents. And as the economy continues to improve, continued growth for firms such as LMS Thinking is inevitable and the demand for outsourced services continues to rise.

After building their head office in Sydney and working on the development of a new wave of core business leaders there in 2013, LMS Thinking will open locations in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide in the first 6 months of 2014. Slightly ahead of schedule with their Australian and New Zealand roll out of locations, LMS Thinking’s founder, Tim Kennedy, says he is ”very pleased with the quality and ambition of the people here in Sydney. If Sydney is anything to go by, then things are looking very bright for our projections of growth in 2014/15. Quality people looking for long term career prospects are the key to our success here in Australia. Logically, the more ambitious the people we work with are, the faster we as a business can grow. We have clients coming out of our ears, begging us to replicate the results we are achieving in NSW across the rest of the country, we really are just in need of the right people to manage those client relationships interstate.”

Tim Kennedy continues, “The target for 2014 is 250,000 new customer acquisitions across all live campaigns in Australia. That kind of new customer volume generates roughly $250 million in incremental revenue for our clients over the next three years and can really be the difference between hitting their shareholder targets or not. In London and New York, year after year, I hear the same feedback from our clients, ‘can you give us the same results in other states, in other countries?’ In Australia, I very much expect the client demand to follow the same pattern. This is very exciting for the current crop of talent in our management training program here in Sydney, as those future markets will potentially be their shot at running their own show and taking on their own client.”

LMS Thinking is a specialist outsourced, face to face, customer acquisition firm. They locate, train and manage, branded national face to face sales and marketing teams for industry leaders in the FMCG, Not for Profit, Security, Insurance, Financial Services and Telecommunications sectors.

Australia is a country which has been one of the few in the industrialised world to avoid the global financial crisis and has a low budget deficit and debt to GDP compared with other major economies. By the close of 2013, global outsourcing markets exceeded $480 billion so for companies looking to plan for the future, outsourcing is going to become an integral part of any business plan to aid expansion and success.

LMS Thinking announced the implementation of an on-site training academy at the firm’s Sydney location which is rumoured to launch in early 2014. As LMS Thinking constantly move towards their goal of becoming a global brand, the firm will focus their 2014 growth in the flourishing Australian market.

LMS Thinking Announce Expansion Plans Following FSB Positive Outlook for 2014

LMS Thinking - Outlook 2014

Latest research suggests that small businesses are showing increasing optimism for the coming year and want to grow their business now as access to finance becomes easier, finds the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). “Business owners are confident now compared to a year ago and feeling more positive about the economic recovery,” says Tim Kennedy, Managing Director of LMS Thinking. In fact, the Small Business Index measure of confidence among small firms has grown year-on-year, up 27.2 points compared to -5.6 in Q4 of 2012 to 21.6 in the last quarter of 2013. This optimism is replicated in each sector and every region in the UK (fsb.org.uk).

New data reveals that businesses expect to see rapid or moderate growth in the coming twelve months. One in ten businesses report running above capacity while one third of firms runs at full capacity, both represent the highest figures since the Small Business Index has started in 2010 (fsb.org.uk). “This is positive news,” says Tim Kennedy of LMS Thinking.

LMS Thinking opened their first branch in London, UK before expanding to North America and Australia. The firm have grown their UK market reach by 54% throughout 2013 and expect to maintain this rate of growth into 2014.

Capital investment intensions continue to rise with 23.1% of businesses expecting to invest in 2014. The number of companies that were refused their credit applications is the joint lowest share since the beginning of 2012. Businesses accepted for finance have reported lower interest rates, a direct result of the Government’s Funding for Lending Scheme (FLS). John Allan, National Chairman of the FSB, says: “Confidence has been in positive territory for a full year; giving economic growth solid foundations moving into 2014. Small firms are creating more jobs and investing in their business and there are encouraging results behind the headline figures, with promising trends evident across the main areas of expansion, investment and employment” (fsb.org.uk).

LMS Thinking is an outsourced sales and marketing company who have proven growth is possible for small businesses even with an unstable worldwide economy. The firm are planning to expand their Australian market reach also, and it is likely Melbourne and Perth will be their main targets in 2014. The firm has increased sales by 40% over the past 12 months, compared to the previous year and Managing Director, Tim Kennedy, of LMS Thinking says: “2013 has been a fantastic year and we are even more excited about the year ahead.”



3 Reasons to Watch LMS Thinking in 2014

2014 New Year sign inside light bulbs

By strategically combining both sales and marketing functions LMS Thinking have delivered a stronger and more effective branding message for their clients this year. Read 3 top reasons industry professionals should be watching LMS Thinking’s Development in 2014.

1  Year on Year Growth across International Markets

When most companies kept their heads down and tried to find a way to survive the recession, LMS Thinking not only grew but also expanded in to multiple locations across 3 continents.  With head offices in London, New York and Sydney and a further 18 satellite offices throughout the UK, Ireland, Australia and USA, LMS Thinking’s growth over the last few years exceeds industry standards and puts them at the top of their field.

2  Swift Response Rates to Industry Trends

LMS Thinking rapidly adapt to changing marketing conditions. They were quick to build their Sydney office following the move towards outsourcing in the Australian market.  By the close of 2013 the global outsourcing markets will exceed $480 billion. For companies looking to plan for the future, outsourcing is going to become an integral part of any business plan to aid expansion and success. This year LMS Thinking also announced they would be implementing an on-site training academy in their Sydney location. Rumoured to launch in early 2014, it will allegedly offer qualifications and accreditations for their contractors.

3  Diverse Portfolio of Business

LMS Thinking seem to be able to offer an incredibly consistent return on investment for clients.  What makes this impressive is the implausible variety of industries they work with. ‘The product or service is not important. Our business model can be transferred to any industry, if we believe in a brand and their core values we will make it work,’ states Tim Kennedy, MD at LMS Thinking. The ability to successfully deliver high-value results across a range of industries makes LMS Thinking a business to watch in the coming years.

LMS Thinking’s aim is to continually improve all aspects of the industry in which they operate their outsourced services. Their vision is firmly fixated on putting into action through research and reporting a focus on activities that generate a higher return on investment for their growing portfolio of clients. The partnerships formed with clients, suppliers and customers will be the staple of LMS Thinking’s business operations which they plan to constantly evolve to keep up with economic conditions and industry trends.



LMS Thinking Launch New Business Strategy


Focusing on business growth, effective training and support will allow Sydney-based LMS Thinking to excel in 2014 as they continue to grow across three continents.

Outsourced sales and marketing firm LMS Thinking currently have offices in three of the world’s most competitive markets; Sydney, New York and London. As 2013 is coming to a close, LMS Thinking have announced the launch of a new business strategy, which they plan to put into action in January. LMS Thinking believe the new changes they’ve made to their business strategy will allow them to excel in their growth across three continents. With the launch of their new business strategy, LMS Thinking will be much more proactive and decisive in 2014, which will allow them to focus more on long-term support for their contractors, suppliers and clientele.

LMS Thinking’s key objectives are:

- To secure an appropriate degree of product training for their suppliers

- To protect and enhance the integrity of the LMS Thinking brand

- To promote effective competition in the interest of their clients

Whilst some businesses will wait for the changes they wish to see in the industry, LMS Thinking is keen to use the New Year as a chance to take the necessary actions that will help them remain competitive. It’s integral for businesses to make the changes they wish to see themselves, as they’re simply not going to happen overnight. With this in mind, LMS Thinking will implement a new business strategy which focuses on business growth, effective training and support comes with a collection of benefits. By goal setting in advance enables LMS Thinking to have an attainable vision of the developments they’d like to make within the business and understand the fundamental steps they need to pursue in order to achieve them. By having a clear business vision and setting realistic goals, it allows for moving forward instead of having to slow down with a sense of bewilderment from unprecedented situations.

LMS Thinking is an outsourced sales and marketing firm and is the leading provider of results-based services in the sales and direct industry across the New South Wales region. With a head office in Sydney, LMS Thinking also offer their services in New York and London. Using direct marketing techniques, LMS Thinking increase sales, lead generation and customer acquisition on behalf of their clients. Having already successfully dominated three continents, LMS Thinking are always searching for new information and strategies to further develop the quality of their services in these cities, and have plans to dominate into further international markets in the New Year.

LMS Thinking MD Tim Kennedy Travels to South Africa as Special Guest at Annual Sales Awards

sin city

Tim Kennedy, MD of outsourced sales and marketing firm LMS Thinking, travels to South Africa as a special guest at the Annual Sales Awards in Johannesburg.

LMS Thinking’s Tim Kennedy has recently embarked on a seven-day trip to South Africa to be a special guest at the Annual Sales Awards, as well as to network with a number of entrepreneurs and business owners within the outsourced sales and marketing industry.

Whilst in Johannesburg for the Annual Sales Awards, Tim Kennedy stayed at the famous renaissance-style Michelangelo Hotel in Nelson Mandela Square. The last few days of his trip was spent in Cape Town where he met entrepreneurs and business owners, and re-established his rapport with previous connections, before attending a friend’s wedding. Networking was Tim Kennedy’s main objective for the trip. He has travelled to South Africa twice previously and has a strong network of contacts throughout the country. “It was a great opportunity for me to return to South Africa and meet up with old friends in the sales and marketing industry, as well as build new relationships with up and coming entrepreneurs,” said Tim Kennedy, of LMS Thinking.

Tim Kennedy takes inspiration from many international businesses when it comes to developing his business, LMS Thinking, which is currently operating successfully in London, New York and Sydney. The growth of the outsourcing industry, as experienced in South Africa, is an area Tim is keen to learn more about.

Outsourcing in South Africa is becoming increasingly popular, and business process outsourcing (BPO) has been prioritized by the provincial governments in South Africa as one of the five key areas for contributing to the country’s growth (inactu.com). The outlook for South Africa’s economic future is looking bright according to the results from the most recent Gross Domestic Product report. Published by the Statistics South Africa, the GDP Growth Rate in South Africa expanded by 3 percent in the second quarter of 2013 over the previous quarter (tradingeconomics.com).

LMS Thinking the leading provider of outsourced, results-based services in the sales and direct marketing industry across the New South Wales region. With branches also in London and New York, LMS Thinking use direct marketing methods to generate quality leads and increase sales figures and customer retention rates for their clients. LMS Thinking aim to enter new national and international markets within the next year.




LMS Thinking Host Virtual Conference to Promote Sales and Marketing Tactics

video conference

Managing Director of LMS Thinking, Tim Kennedy, hosts a virtual conference call to go ‘back to basics’ with sales and marketing managers spanning three continents and three different time zones.

LMS Thinking is a leading outsourced sales and marketing firm with a network of offices throughout Australia, the USA and the UK. Tim Kennedy, entrepreneur and Managing Director of LMS Thinking is continuing to grow his realm of business locations and still has big plans for future expansion.  With this network of offices spanning three different continents, virtual conferencing is an incredible tool for the firm.

Tim Kennedy hosted a 45-minute back-to-basics conference via Skype for LMS Thinking managers. ‘Working across multiple time-zones can be challenging but using virtual conferences as a means to communicate is fantastic. No matter where people are you can get up to ten people on the same group video call,’ said Tim Kennedy.  Rather than the old means of conference calls via the telephone, video calling also enables those in the group to see each other as well as hear each other, which makes the messages being put across much more effective. The conference covered eight key points for generating quality leads, improving customer retention and boosting overall sales figures within the industry.

Lead generation describes the marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing the sales pipeline. In recent years, the consumer buying process has changed, and marketers need to find new ways to reach buyers. Instead of finding customers with mass advertising, marketers must now focus on being found and learn to build continuous relationships with buyers. At LMS Thinking, the firm use direct marketing strategies to ensure this relationship is built up from the beginning and this will boost overall sales figures for their clients.

Every customer appreciates good customer service and if a customer receives this, it will lead to a higher customer retention rate for the company.  The first point of contact that a company makes with their customers is crucial to help maximise customer retention.  At LMS Thinking, this initial meeting with customers forms a central part of their customer care business strategy. Since this new strategy was put into place earlier this year, the firm have reported an increase in customer retention rates for their clients.  ‘High customer retention rates are naturally supported by direct marketing strategies due to its personalised nature through face to face sales,’ said Tim Kennedy. ‘Here at LMS Thinking, we take customer service extremely importantly and strive to establish positive relationships with customers that will result in improved customer retention rates for our clients,’ adds Tim Kennedy.

LMS Thinking use direct marketing strategies to boost the sales figure for their clients.  Direct marketing is cost-effective for clients and at the same time, gains sales at a faster rate than any other form of marketing.  Direct marketing includes tangible offers – this provides customers with a sense of urgency to respond within a certain period of time, allowing clients to keep better tabs on campaigns and see results faster.  And unlike advertising, face-to-face direct marketing firms such as LMS Thinking receive instant feedback on the product or service being marketed. LMS Thinking can then invest this feedback straight back into improving the quality of the service that they provide for their clients to ensure the generation of quality leads, customer retention rates and overall sales figures are maintained at a high level.

LMS Thinking Review 3 Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

entrepreneurship traits

Today, LMS Thinking outline 3 habits of highly successful entrepreneurs. Managing Director of LMS Thinking, Tim Kennedy, reveals these habits as: great at finding a niche, turn obstacles into assets and pro’s at team building and outlines why these are essential for success.

Sydney-based LMS Thinking, a leading outsourced direct marketing firm, today announced their outline of the 3 habits that successful entrepreneurs look for and employ.  Entrepreneur and Managing Director of LMS Thinking, Tim Kennedy founded the firm back in 2007 and has since increased customer acquisition rates for companies across the UK, USA and Australian markets.

An entrepreneur is one who ‘undertakes enterprise’. The term puts emphasis on the risk and effort of individuals who own and manage a business, and on the innovations that result from their pursuit of economic success. Entrepreneur Tim Kennedy outlines the 3 habits that are identified as common denominators in highly successful entrepreneurs.

Successful people work hard at what they have at hand and try to use everything at their disposal in achieving their goals. However, there are certain tips and helpful advice to ensure each goal is achieved. LMS Thinking’s MD Tim Kennedy outlines these 3 top habits of successful entrepreneurs as; Great at finding a niche, Turn obstacles into assets and Pro’s at team building.

1.Great at Finding a Niche 

Ideas are easy. And new ideas are plentiful so they are not worth very much and as with everything else if there is a glut of ideas the value of the product goes down. A successful entrepreneur will see a demand or need for a product and fill the gap.  This gap is filled with customers willing to buy the product. ‘If you can discover a market niche you can make a fortune,’ claims Tim Kennedy.

2. Turn Obstacles Into Assets

The best entrepreneurs believe and act as if everything is a gift and will learn from every experience. If this mentality is applied, obstacles will force an individual to become creative; and creativity and innovation is a key attribute for success in business.

3. Pro’s at Team Building

Delegation is key and being a great leader plays an important role in the success of building a team. Team building allows businesses to bring out the best in their people and produce the best possible results by working together. Highly successful entrepreneurs will promote team building in the work place. Research has shown how team building and specially planned activities contribute far more to the welfare, productivity and morale of employees and to the success of a business.

Regardless of a person’s definition of success, there are a great number of common characteristics that are shared by successful business people. At LMS Thinking, the firm consider these as the 3 habits that are found within highly successful entrepreneurs and encourage individuals that see these characters within themselves to apply them to build a successful business.

LMS Thinking Offers New South Wales-based Entrepreneurship Development


LMS Thinking announces its development program for budding entrepreneurs which aims to help create a generation of self-sufficient and successful business owners. 

Google and PricewaterhouseCoopers have released the findings of their report, showing that start-ups have the potential to contribute $109 billion (or 4% of GDP) and around 540,000 jobs to the Australian economy. Following on from this report, Sydney-based customer acquisition firm, LMS Thinking, promote their business development program for budding entrepreneurs, with the main aim to create a generation of self-sufficient and successful business owners in New South Wales.

LMS Thinking is an outsourced sales and marketing firm with offices based in London, New York and Sydney. The firm combine the perfect balance of strategic sales with an enticing marketing approach, to generate a high ROI for companies.  Entrepreneur and Managing Director, Tim Kennedy founded LMS Thinking in 2007 and is committed to nurturing the entrepreneurial qualities found in individuals to help strengthen the local economy of New South Wales, Australia. ‘Given the current state of the global economy we felt that offering a development program that educates individuals on the most important skills required to run a successful business would be a great way to further strengthen Australia’s future economy,’ said Managing Director, Tim Kennedy.

Entrepreneurship doesn’t only reap tremendous rewards for individuals but also helps contribute to local economies.  The entrepreneur who is a business leader looks for ideas and puts them into effect in fostering economic growth and development. ‘Entrepreneurship is one of the most important inputs in the economic development of a country,’ explained Tim Kennedy.

There are many benefits that entrepreneurs bring to the local economy.  LMS Thinking, highlight three of these main benefits as:

  • The improvement in the Standard of Living – an increase in the standard of living of local people is a characteristic feature of the economic development of a country.  Entrepreneurs play a key role in increasing the standard of living of people by adopting latest innovations in the generation and sale of a wide variety of goods and services at a lower cost.
  • Reducing the concentration of economic power – industrial development normally leads to concentration of economic power in the hands of a few individuals which results in the growth of monopolies. In order to redress this problem a large number of entrepreneurs need to be developed, which will help reduce the concentration of economic power amongst the population.
  • Increasing GNP – entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for opportunities. They encourage effective resource mobilisation of capital and skill, bring in new products and services and develops markets for growth of the economy. In this way, they help increasing gross national product as well as per capita income of the people in a country.

Tim Kennedy is well aware of the economic and social benefits of entrepreneurship. This is why LMS Thinking has implemented their own development program, aimed at cultivating and nurturing future entrepreneurs. Traditionally, Australia has a considerably higher ‘fear of failure’ rate than other nations like the USA and Canada. This is why LMS Thinking has implemented this scheme, so that successful and experienced entrepreneurs like Tim Kennedy can mentor and ensure the success for those who choose the entrepreneur route.

LMS Thinking Releases Direct Marketing Tip Sheet for Australian Businesses


Sydney’s leading provider of direct marketing services, LMS Thinking, have released several tips aimed at helping businesses plan a direct marketing campaign. With these tips, businesses will be able to attract more customers and get more value for the dollars they invest in their brand development.

LMS Thinking is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in three major economic cities; New York, London and Sydney. LMS Thinking has a powerful way of reaching consumers through direct marketing methods, since the firm tailor the way they present their client’s product or service to match each customer’s individual requirements. LMS Thinking take their clients service directly to consumers, cutting out the middle man, effectively driving profits and growth for any client with no risk factor.

Over the last 5 years, many companies have moved away from direct marketing and focused their marketing activities online. However the closing sales rate for direct marketing is still higher than digital marketing which means it is an efficient tool for any major brand. At LMS Thinking, the firm integrate the sales and marketing processes for their clients which results in combining a perfect balance of strategic sales with an enticing marketing approach.  ‘Our goal is to make sure each of our clients gets the highest return on investment possible when hiring our agency to roll out marketing services on their behalf,’ says Tim Kennedy, Managing Director of LMS Thinking.

LMS Thinking has now decided to release their top 5 tips for helping business plan a direct marketing campaign. Founded in 2007, LMS Thinking has since expanded across three different continents; Europe, North America and Australasia. The firm can use several years of experience and knowledge of the direct sales and marketing industry; and from different geographical markets, to create an effective tool for businesses to use that will help them attract more customers and get more value for the money that is invested into their brand development.

The firm have released their top 5 tips as:

  1. Establish a clear objective
  2. Make campaign expectations realistic
  3. Pursue a targeted market approach
  4. Communication, engagement and interaction
  5. Get instant feedback from customers

Tips in business are an essential catalyst for growth.  When planning a direct marketing campaign, a clear strategy must be in place for any business; a method for collecting results must be established, responses must be monitored on a regular basis, results must be analysed, constant reviewing and reporting of campaign performance must be carried out and all campaigns must be kept on file for future reference. These top 5 tips from LMS Thinking will enable companies to create their own logical business strategy to ensure future growth and economic success.

Download a copy of their Direct Marketing tip Sheet here.




‘Brands Need to Offer a USP to Attract New Customers’ says LMS Thinking’s MD Tim Kennedy


Unique selling propositions within competitive sectors are mandatory for success, according to Sydney-based LMS Thinking.

The outsourced marketing firm reports that building their marketing campaigns around a client’s USP has contributed to high customer acquisition rates since LMS Thinking’s arrival in Sydney this March.

LMS Thinking provides outsourced sales and marketing services for companies looking to increase their customer base and brand awareness. The company specialises in face to face customer interactions through business to business, business to consumer, in-store promotions and events marketing. “We are regularly approached by businesses who wish to improve their market position and generate more leads.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a unique selling point in order to stand out from the crowd,” states Tim Kennedy, managing director of LMS Thinking.

A unique selling proposition (USP) is what separates a brand from competing products or services. LMS Thinking reports that brands with a clearly defined USP have seen much greater success rates on their campaigns. ‘The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords’ states that a USP needs to answer two questions: why the consumer should buy from your brand, and what your brand offers that is different from the competition. LMS Thinking reports that brands that attempt to appeal to all customers lose out due to a lack of brand identity. “Focusing on the one or two strongest aspects of your brand is far more effective,” advises Tim Kennedy, managing director of LMS Thinking. “Consumers are far more likely to remember your brand because of a clearly defined selling point, and it will allow you to find your target market. At LMS Thinking, we can identify the USP for clients as part of the marketing strategy; however we have found that brands that come to us with a strong USP already in place see a much faster growth in their customer base.”

Managing Director Tim Kennedy considers that the company’s focus on results is LMS Thinking’s own unique selling proposition. “Our commitment is to provide quantifiable, consistent results week after week,” explains Tim Kennedy, managing director of LMS Thinking. “LMS Thinking stands out from all the other marketing firms in Sydney simply because we only charge our clients when we have delivered them a new customer. This provides an unbeatable ROI for the client, and the fact that we are able to operate in this way proves that we have a successful business model. By doing this we are proving to the clients that we will do whatever it takes to deliver results, which gives the clients a great level of confidence and security.”

LMS Thinking is the fastest growing provider of outsourced, results-based direct marketing and sales services in the New South Wales region.


LMS Thinking: Marketing Results Strengthens Brand Image and Positions the Firm for Growth


Sydney-based LMS Thinking, a leading outsourced direct marketing firm, today announced their excitement following the news that the benefits of their marketing strategy has contributed to their brand reputation in the Australian market.

LMS Thinking has focused on boosting their brand in Australia following their success in London and New York. The Sydney branch of LMS Thinking opened on March 4th 2013 and has grown rapidly in the six months since opening.

LMS Thinking is proud to report a strong brand reputation in the Australian outsourcing market, and managing director Tim Kennedy believes that this is down to the firm’s consistent delivery of results. The firm reports that their direct marketing campaigns provide a higher ROI than traditional forms of marketing. LMS Thinking specialises in business to business, business to consumer and events-based marketing strategies which provide a typical customer acquisition rate of 5-10% of prospects approached. LMS Thinking guarantees that customers who are signed up to their campaigns will have had a one-on-one consultation with a brand representative to ensure that all questions have been answered and that the customer is committed to a long-term business relationship. No ‘cheap sales’, according to managing director Tim Kennedy: “We have proven to our clients that we will always hit or exceed targets despite the fairly tough economic climate. Not only do we deliver a high volume of customers, but the quality is exceptional so our clients are assured a long-term source of income,” says Tim Kennedy, managing director of LMS Thinking.

LMS Thinking is aware of the importance of creating and maintaining a strong brand image. Corporate consultancy firm Strategy Consulting Ltd advises that creating a strong brand image is essential to a company’s success. The firm reports that creating brand image helps customers to perceive the effectiveness of the company, and should reflect the character of the service provided as well as the customer’s needs and aspirations. “At LMS Thinking we ensure that everything we do is consistent with our core values,” says LMS Thinking’s managing director Tim Kennedy. “As a direct marketing firm with a focus on one-on-one customer interactions, we place a value on the human and personal approach. This is not only deployed in our marketing strategies, but is consistent with our company culture and interactions with clients and suppliers. We ensure that our clients get a tailored strategy which is appropriate for their requirements. I think this has really helped cement our reputation for high quality customer acquisitions and customer service.”

Founded in London in 2007, LMS Thinking expanded to New York in 2012 and Sydney earlier this year. The firm aims to enter new national and international markets within the next year.

Continued Growth: LMS Thinking Report Improved Acquisitions Rates in New South Wales

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LMS Thinking reports increased customer acquisitions since the company’s launch in Sydney earlier this year. The direct sales and marketing firm has since gained 9% of Sydney’s outsourcing market since its expansion to New South Wales this March.

Already well-established in the UK and New York, LMS Thinking opened its doors in Sydney on March 4th 2013. Managing director Tim Kennedy, originally from Australia himself, spearheaded the expansion alongside 6 business partners, an office manager and a direct sales force of 10. Tim Kennedy was eager to return to Australia after 11 years of running businesses overseas. A Wagga Wagga native, Tim Kennedy moved to the UK at the age of 19 and worked in sales, marketing and exports industries for several years before founding LMS Thinking in London in 2007; the company expanded to New York City in 2012.

Sydney was chosen as the location for LMS Thinking’s Australian expansion due to the business opportunities available in the New South Wales region. The New South Wales Government reports that the state accounts for 31.7% of Australia’s gross domestic profit, and New South Wales’ gross state profit in 2009-10 was valued at $406.9 billion. New South Wales boosts a highly-educated workforce, with 57% of the state’s working-age population having reached tertiary education. The city of Sydney is the third largest financial centre in the Asia-Pacific region, and was ranked 10th in the world out of 221 cities in Mercer’s 2010 Quality of Living Survey. LMS Thinking’s managing director Tim Kennedy says: “Sydney was the perfect choice to set up our base of operations – it is the most populated city in Australia and the economic powerhouse of Australia. New South Wales is a financially prosperous area, which makes it a great area for acquiring new customers, and the highly educated workforce means there is a diverse talent pool to choose from when looking for new business partners.”

LMS Thinking has seen considerable growth over the six months since the Sydney office opened, and managing director Tim Kennedy reports that the firm is on track to hit end-of-year goals. LMS Thinking currently works with clients in the non-profit and insurance sectors, and reports that sales growth has been higher than previously anticipated. “We are pleased to see sales stats are increasing week-on-week and forecast end of year results to be on target,” says managing director Tim Kennedy.

LMS Thinking aims to enter new markets in Melbourne and Perth in 2014, with long-term goals to open offices in Los Angeles, Toronto and Cape Town.

LMS Thinking Gains 9% of Sydney Outsourcing Market Since May 2013


A strong sales performance by LMS Thinking makes the firm a sought-after business in the Australian outsourcing market. In just three months, the outsourced marketing and customer acquisition firm has gained 9% of Sydney’s outsourced market.

LMS Thinking’s Managing Director Tim Kennedy attributes the firm’s rapid acquisition of the local market to its business model which is built on the company’s commitment to providing results and superior customer satisfaction. “We have grown our client base considerably over the last three months, mainly due to referrals from our existing clients. We have a business model which has been tried and tested over three continents, which gives our clients great reassurance that they will get excellent representation as well as a strong return on investment,” states Tim Kennedy, Managing Director of LMS Thinking.

LMS Thinking reports that many Australian businesses are choosing to outsource to local companies due to the market knowledge, communication skills and higher ROI than off-shore outsourced companies. Outsourcing is defined by global market research firm Plunkett Research as being the practice of hiring an outside company to perform a task that would normally be performed internally. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is one of the biggest outsourcing markets and relates to the outsourcing of specific business functions such as sales or human resources. Plunkett Research estimates the value of the outsourcing industry to be around US$483 billion globally, while IT research and advisory agency Gartner forecasts the Asia/Pacific BPO industry, which was worth US$5.9 billion in 2011, to be worth US$9.5 billion by 2016. As of 2011 Australia had the largest share of the Asia/Pacific BPO market at US$4.3 billion, which was over 3.5 times more than India. Australian companies are choosing to outsource to domestic companies rather than overseas due to the ease of communication and reporting offered, as well as the fact that rising wages and costs in countries such as India and China make offshoring a less cost-effective option.

“We’re very pleased with the results in Sydney so far. We work with incredible clients and collaborate with them to ensure that we continue to offer the most result orientated service possible,” says Tim Kennedy, Managing Director of LMS Thinking.

LMS Thinking will continue to execute face-to-face direct marketing strategies to maintain healthy and sustainable growth in the Southern Hemisphere and deliver positive financial returns for their growing client base.




Local Markets Remains Key Revenue Source for LMS Thinking

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Outsourced direct sales and marketing firm LMS Thinking report its main revenue is obtained from London, New York and Sydney, the cities in which the firm has head offices in.

LMS Thinking pride themselves on being a transparent business and endeavour to become a global brand. It is through their evolving strategies, knowledge of industry conditions and trends, customised sales and marketing campaigns and their ability to build strong partnerships with clients, suppliers and customers that will see the firm’s vision actualize. “We have become a trusted name in our local markets – London, New York and Sydney – with them being our main revenue source, but with the strengthening economy and outsourced services increasingly in demand we are confident that we can begin to branch out to the broader marketplace,” explains Tim Kennedy, Managing Director of LMS Thinking.

Detaching their business model from traditional marketing agencies, LMS Thinking commit to providing a comprehensive and sustainable solution that meets their clients growing demands. “Each industry have different requirements and through allowing our strategies to evolve and develop according to our clients demands we are certain our relationships will be strengthened which will in turn give us leverage when breaking into the broader, international market,” says LMS Thinking’s Managing Director, Tim Kennedy.

LMS Thinking’s aim is to continually improve all aspects of the industry in which outsourced services are operated. Increased efforts on improving operations’ profitability have impacted the outsourced company’s growth rate during 2012 and will continue to do so during 2013. Tim Kennedy explains, “We have integrated the sales and marketing process. Marketing is the avenue of reaching and persuading prospects whilst sales is all about getting that prospect over the line and closing the deal. Having launched a service which collaborates both processes to form a more streamlined communication effort we have provided a more cost effective and results driven solution for businesses which as a result has lifted our growth rate”.

By strategically combining both the sales and marketing functions LMS Thinking have generated a stronger and more effective branding message which is being employed by many businesses within their local markets, London, New York and Sydney. However, continued uptake of the service is expected nationally in the UK, US and Australia and then eventually, internationally.

LMS Thinking Obtain Data Which Improves Marketing and Advertising for Clients


Direct marketing and sales firm LMS Thinking reports a positive response from clients towards its data reporting strategy which was first rolled out in April this year.

LMS Thinking performs direct B2B and B2C campaigns on behalf of clients in finance, entertainment, energy, charity and telecommunications sectors. LMS Thinking uses face to face marketing strategies, typically at businesses, residential properties or private retail sites, to interact and engage with potential customers. The company collects real-time data on customer demographics, including location by post code and age range, to supply clients with real information about their customers. The purpose of the data collection is to assist clients with their broader advertising and marketing strategies, by focusing on demographics that are proven to have an interest in the products or services on offer. LMS Thinking Director Tim Kennedy explains: “The data reporting is solely for the use of our clients; we will not use data collection to influence or change our strategies as we already have systems in place which we find very successful. Our clients were interested in the personal approach that we use and wanted to emulate this in their advertising campaigns. This entails learning about their customers, in order to target the right markets as well as providing a better customer experience.”

The type of information that LMS Thinking collects is particularly important to brands, as a report released by eBay in July highlighted that many businesses are not targeting the right customers. Examples given in the report were 25% more searches for mountain bikes were by women aged over 60 than by 18-29 year olds, despite marketing efforts being focused on the younger demographic. The Mature Marketing Association (MMA) values the over-50s consumer market as being worth over £300bn annually. The eBay report also encourages the usage of ‘observed behaviour’ over market research as a means of observing how consumers really act. LMS Thinking ensures that by reporting hard data, clients gain an objective insight into their customer base.

Tim Kennedy, Director of LMS Thinking, emphasises that the firm strongly abides by the Data Protection Act. “The purpose of the data collection is in no way meant to bombard customers with marketing materials, and information is never shared with third parties. The data passed to marketing departments is anonymous and is focused on targeting demographics as opposed to specific customers. The DPA is very strict concerning remote data collection – for example on the iPads we use at point of sale – so no customer information is stored on our devices,” says LMS Thinking Director Tim Kennedy.

Based in London, New York and Sydney, LMS Thinking works with national and international clients in their target markets to increase their brand awareness and market share.

LMS Thinking Stand out in Saturated Market by Personalising the Sales Experience

sales experience

It’s LMS Thinking’s personalised sales experience and their ability to evolve with change that has enabled the firm to stand out in today’s saturated market. 

The direct sales and marketing industry is a saturated market with too many competitors. It’s now more crucial than ever for businesses to ensure they offer innovative campaigns and implement personalised strategies in order to propel themselves above their competitors. The demands of the market is constantly changing, and outsourced customer acquisition firm LMS Thinking are a prime example of showing their ability to evolve with change. With offices in London and New York, LMS Thinking expanded into the Southern Hemisphere earlier this year with the opening of a branch in Sydney, Australia. They have sharpened their unique selling point, which focuses around personalising the purchasing processes, and have also been working on a personalised sales strategy to stay ahead of the competition. With three successful offices in three hugely competitive markets, it’s proof these personalised operations are working effectively.

The ROI of direct sales and marketing far exceeds that of indirect forms such as TV adverts and radio. Tim Kennedy, managing director of LMS Thinking claims, “By working with customers on a face-to-face level we are able to build relationships which is something that traditional forms of marketing are simply unable to do. We have the ability to answer questions, address concerns and tailor packages at the point of sales which is truly valued by many consumers.”

A business model is the framework of how a business generates revenue and profit. Technology disruptions, commoditization and competition are reasons why businesses must be able to evolve with change. It’s easier for small businesses to adapt their business models, as they’re more flexible and transformable than larger corporations. However, despite being a growing firm, LMS Thinking maintains a small business mentality, as they don’t want to lose touch with their customers. A key example of a change LMS Thinking has experienced is the role of outsourcing. When people think of outsourcing, most people see it as a way of cutting jobs and transferring operations to overseas. However, as companies begin to experience the huge benefits local outsourcing provides, more businesses are starting to outsource areas of their company to the local community This displays how the notion of outsourcing has evolved from being viewed as a negative operation into becoming a beneficial tool for businesses.

LMS Thinking is an outsourced customer acquisitions firm with offices in London, New York and Sydney. The firm have implemented a personalised strategy that enables them to evolve with the changes in the direct sales and marketing industry in order to stay ahead of the competition



‘The role of outsourcing is changing’ claims LMS Thinking Sydney


As the outsourcing trend is losing its negative connotation and more businesses are reaping the benefits of using outsourcing firms, Tim Kennedy, Managing Director of outsourcing sales and marketing firm, LMS Thinking, reviews the positive impacts that outsourcing can bring to a company and the reasons why companies are choosing to use outsourcing firms.  

The business world is changing rapidly.  It is now commonplace for organisations to outsource a portion of their administration or support functions i.e. sales and marketing, to other providers as a way of controlling costs and increasing efficiency. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a practice that has a long history of supporting the strategic growth of a company.

But the term ‘outsourcing’ does have an image problem.  To many people, outsourcing is seen as a way to cut jobs and transfer functions of a company overseas. This perception is not entirely true.  More and more businesses are beginning to think more strategically, and this is where the role of outsourcing takes a positive place in the growth of a company. LMS Thinking, an outsourced customer acquisition firm based in New York, London and Sydney, suggest that the way companies view outsourcing is changing as they start to experience some of the huge benefits that outsourcing services provide.  At LMS Thinking, they specialise in providing a local outsourcing solution.

As of 2001 the largest market for BPO was Australia.  LMS Thinking; with a head office located in Sydney is part of this large outsourcing trend. Plunkett, a global market watchdog, estimates that in 2013, the global outsourcing markets will exceed $480 billion.

LMS Thinking provides a beneficial service to the local communities of the cities and countries that they operate in, including Sydney, Australia. ‘At LMS Thinking the firm never outsources work overseas, which is often the negative image that most people associate with the term outsourcing’ said Managing Director of LMS Thinking, Tim Kennedy.  LMS Thinking uses their local knowledge to provide a tailored service for their clients and their customers. By generating leads within the market they are based in, they avoid language barriers and can positively represent their client’s brands while still providing many of the traditional outsourcing benefits such as being cost effective and being specialists in the key area.

The number of outsourced customer acquisition firms has grown significantly over the last 10 years.  Many businesses in the UK, USA and Australia are choosing the option of outsourcing their sales and marketing functions for many reasons.  Outsourcing reduces costs whilst still maintaining best practices and customer responsiveness.  ‘At LMS Thinking, we firm provide the perfect balance of strategic sales with an enticing market approach to ensure a guaranteed return on investment’ said Managing Director of LMS Thinking, Tim Kennedy.  There is also a wide variety of BPO types and service levels as provided by reliable companies. For example, LMS Thinking assist companies to optimise their workforce, enhance their sales and marketing process and create fresh thinking and clear goal orientated strategies.

In years to come, more and more companies worldwide will be looking to outsource different functions of their business, such as the sales and marketing to firms like LMS Thinking. For companies looking to plan for the future, outsourcing is going to become an integral part of any business plan to aid expansion and success.

LMS Thinking Call for a Quality Benchmark to be Introduced to Increase Performance in Outsourced Market


Outsourced sales and marketing firm LMS Thinking advocate that by using quality benchmarks as part of a company’s business strategy it will increase performance in the sales and marketing industry as well as individual company performance. 

In late 2012, LMS Thinking introduced their own comprehensive benchmarking and reporting service that enables the firm to compare the quality of leads generated, customer data by demographic and total sales produced. Six months later, the benefits of this benchmarking and reporting service are clear and has led LMS Thinking to call for a benchmark to be introduced across the outsourced sales and marketing industry.

At LMS Thinking, the firm believe that introducing a quality standard to the outsourced sales and marketing industry will assist with the backlash that the industry has experienced whilst ensuring that both clients and customers receive the best service that is of the highest standard.  ‘Business management faces the dual challenges of delivering a superior customer experience while keeping operational costs to an absolute minimum. We strongly believe that a culture of high customer service introduced through benchmarking can solve this problem long term’ says Tim Kennedy.

Benchmarking is a strategy that is often employed to assess the level of overall performance of a company that operates within a specific industry. Benchmarks are standards of excellence for productivity, quality, service delivery, and cost that are recognised as being the ideal within a particular field. The process of benchmarking can help a business to have an idea of its overall standing within the community, and make it possible to identify areas where there is room for improvement enabling the company to expand.

High standards of quality and integrity are vital to the success of the marketing profession. At LMS Thinking, high standards are integral to the company’s business model, which is a main reason why the firm has had so much success; founded in 2007, LMS Thinking has since expanded across three different continents; Europe, North America and Australasia. Without using benchmarks to maintain high standards for clients and customers, this expansion of LMS Thinking would not have been possible.

One way that a company can benchmark their business is by looking at similar firms; of a similar size and with similar objectives, within the same industry to benchmark against.  The outsourced sales and marketing industry has boomed in the last 10 years, with many new firms opening up across the UK and the USA (as well as other countries around the globe).  LMS Thinking is one of the top sales and marketing firms within the industry. Brands choose to work with LMS Thinking because the firm has experienced a tremendous amount of business growth.  Due to the high standards of quality and benchmarks set by the firm, LMS Thinking is an asset to any product, service, customer, client or company.  ‘Here at the firm, we have a great work ethic.  If you team this work ethic with our vast amount of knowledge in the industry, we are an asset to any client that we work with’ said Tim Kennedy. ‘This success is demonstrated through the firm’s guaranteed results’ added Tim Kennedy.

If a quality standard was to be introduced as an industry standard, LMS Thinking firmly believes efficiency in the workplace and performance levels would be enhanced significantly, eventuating in increased profit margins.

LMS Thinking Release 3 Step Guide to Success in International Markets

global success

After gaining successful representation in 3 major international markets, (London, New York and Sydney) LMS Thinking release a 3 step guide to success in international markets. 

Having operated the business through the most recent world recession, it’s been a huge achievement for boutique sales and marketing agency LMS Thinking to establish themselves successfully in three of the world’s most competitive markets; London, New York and Sydney. In order to assist fellow business owners, LMS Thinking offers this 3 step guide to reaching business success which advises owners on how to build a strategy for growth and success.

  1. Develop a clear unique selling point that differentiates the business from competitors
  2. Have a strong and diverse management team that can respond quickly and efficiently to the ever-changing markets
  3. Have a deep understanding and cultural awareness of customers’ expectations

Every brand in the world requires face-to-face marketing and wants to improve their profit margins. So, in order to create a small business into a thriving one, a business must differentiate themselves from their competitors in the market. The development of a clear USP that is valued by customers in a broad range of markets is extremely important as opposed to selective niche markets that will only work in specific locations. By targeting a variety of markets, this has enabled LMS Thinking to maintain dominance in three countries, all in separate parts of the world.

In order for a business to evolve and grow, it needs a strong and diverse management team that responds well to change, and is led by a strong leadership. Entrepreneur and managing director, Tim Kennedy, is a visionary for the international brand, LMS Thinking and has goals to live and work between London, Sydney, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto and Cape Town. By being led by an individual or team with such ambitions, a business is more likely to see greater success in numerous markets. Tim Kennedy’s drive and motivation has contributed towards LMS Thinking’s triumphant representation in New York and Sydney.

LMS Thinking understand the customers it serves and the markets it operates in. It’s essential to have knowledge of local/national laws and compliance, as well as identifying customer expectations and market supply and demand. This will bring greater success rates which will enable businesses to grow. These were all areas that LMS Thinking had unprecedented expertise in, in all three of their competitive markets.

LMS Thinking started as a small business in 2007, specialising in recruiting, training and managing a nationwide sales force. In 2012, the firm expanded into New York, and earlier this year saw LMS Thinking launch in Sydney.

By following this simple 3 step formula, it will enable small businesses to plan business strategies that will help them evolve.


LMS Thinking’s Tim Kennedy Travels to Philadelphia to Attend American Sales Award Ceremony

Kimmel_Center PA

Entrepreneur and managing director Tim Kennedy of LMS Thinking travels to Philadelphia to attend the American Sales Ceremony, where he will present an award. 

Entrepreneur and managing director, Tim Kennedy of outsourced sales and marketing firm LMS Thinking will travel to Philadelphia for the American Sales Awards Ceremony which is being held at the prestigious Kimmel Centre for the Performing Arts on Broad Street on June 29th 2013. The reception after the event will be hosted at the grand Kimmel Centre Plaza; it is one of the most engaging and civic centres in Philadelphia.

The American Sales Awards is one of the largest industry events in the sales and marketing field. Over 3000 people will attend the ceremony and will travel from all over the world to be there. Locations include the United States of America, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Italy and the United Kingdom. The event itself is centred on the spirit of entrepreneurship. Outsourced sales and marketing is an industry where start up businesses have increased drastically in the last 8 to 10 years.

Awards are given in categories such as: Top Sales Performance 2012/2013, Business of the Year, Come-back Business of the Year and Start-up Company of the Year. Managing director Tim Kennedy at LMS Thinking will be presenting the award for Highest Turnover in the field of Outsourced Sales 2012/2013. Entrepreneur Tim Kennedy is a renowned and respected leader in the outsourced sales industry and is often asked to speak, attend and present awards at industry conferences and events all over the world. In the past he has travelled to similar events to speak or host conferences in various parts of America including Colorado, Atlantic City, New Orleans as well as England, Australia, Japan and South Africa.

Outsourced direct sales and marketing firm LMS Thinking is an international brand with offices in three of the largest and most competitive markets in the world; London, New York and Sydney, the latter being the firm’s most recent move earlier this year. LMS Thinking aim to continually improve all aspects of their outsourced operations within the sales and marketing industry, as well as have plans to expand to Singapore in 2014.

LMS Thinking Publicise Their Work vs. Life Balance Policy


Entrepreneur and managing director of LMS Thinking, Tim Kennedy, promotes the importance of a work – life balance. The benefits, such as increased productivity and hence business growth, are more and more recognised by well known companies.

Research shows that 61% of women and 47% of men in Australia are often or almost always rushed or pressed for time, making it hard to balance work with family life. For this study, 2,800 people were questioned by the Australian Work and Life Index (smh.com.au). LMS Thinking’s managing director Tim Kennedy explains that people who are happy with their work – life balance are more productive and motivated, which leads to more satisfied customers and increases business growth. Tim Kennedy says: “When I founded LMS Thinking in 2007, I created a company that I wanted to work for. Otherwise, what’s the point of running your own business?” LMS Thinking promotes the importance of a healthy work – life balance and has started making some changes to the typical day-to-day work routine.

While opening their third branch in Sydney, Australia, LMS Thinking have rolled out a new campaign to encourage people to have a healthy work – life balance. “The results are incredible”, says managing director Tim Kennedy. “Just eight weeks after our new campaign was initiated, productivity has improved by 7%.” Every second Wednesday afternoon is set aside for the company to spend entertaining contract workers and suppliers. Tim Kennedy explains: “I wanted to show how spending time outside of the business can improve productivity. Every other Wednesday is now spent at the beach or doing something fun.” LMS Thinking invites sales contractors and their suppliers to hang out. “This gives us a great opportunity to show we are human and like to do normal things outside of the business environment”, continues Tim Kennedy.

LMS Thinking is an outsourced sales and marketing company. The international firm attributes its success in the UK, US and Australian markets. Due to LMS Thinking’s strong corporate culture, the company has increased profits by 14% in the first quarter of 2013 and expects to maintain this growth throughout the rest of the year. Tim Kennedy is certain that the Wednesday get-togethers will help exceed the company’s goals. LMS Thinking is adamant their new work – life balance policy has helped build stronger relationships within the business as well as with suppliers. Managing director Tim Kennedy has clearly proven his point by creating a company people love.

Tim Kennedy of LMS Thinking Supports Relay for Life


Tim Kennedy, managing director of LMS Thinking supports the local community by donating to Relay for Life.  Through this donation, the outsourced sales and marketing firm are helping the fight against cancer in Australia. 

Relay for Life began in Australia in 1999, when the Victorian community of Murrumbeena raised over $75 000 for the Cancer Council.  Relay for Life now runs in every state and territory in Australia and raises over $14 million each year for the fight against cancer.  Managing director of LMS Thinking, Tim Kennedy recently donated to help one family raise money for their own Relay for Life.

LMS Thinking is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in London, New York and has recently expanded into Sydney, Australia.  The firm strongly believe in supporting the local community, which has been demonstrated through the generosity of Tim Kennedy’s donation to Relay for Life.

Every five minutes, another Australian is diagnosed with cancer and even though survival rates are improving every day, cancer remains a leading cause of death in Australia.  Relay for Life is an opportunity for the community to get together to celebrate cancer survivors, remember loves ones lost and fight back against cancer.  ‘This is a fantastic event that not only helps to raise funds for the fight against cancer, but is also an opportunity for affected families to find healing, comfort and support from others who have faced cancer or who have lost love ones to the disease’ said Tim Kennedy, managing director of LMS Thinking. ‘The firm have recently expanded into Australia and we are passionate about getting involved with and helping out the local community through supporting this event and helping people and families to raise money for this fantastic cause’ added Tim Kennedy.

The family thanked everyone for their generosity in supporting their Relay for Life endeavours.  As a result they walked a total of 38km.  ‘We just wanted to send you all a very big thank you for your fantastic efforts in supporting Ashleigh’s Relay for Life campaign. It looks like we will finish up raising around $12,500 (for the two teams) out of an expected overall total of approx $120,000 for the event. This was the second highest amount out of the 52 teams’ said the family. ‘We are totally blown away by this effort which once again reflects the fantastic support we have received from our wonderful family and friends over the past twelve months. We are so very grateful to you all.’

Tim Kennedy and LMS Thinking are delighted that the relay has been a success and are keen to donate to more fantastic causes throughout the local community over the coming months.

For more information on how to get involved and set up your own relay in the fight against cancer visit:  http://www.relayforlife.org.au/GetInvolved/FindARelay.aspx